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Ask Us Anything!

15 Dec

“I think my best friend is flirting with my boyfriend. she’s naturally very cheeky and flirty with everyone but it seems different with him and she’s known him for longer than i have. am i just being over sensitive because we’re all so close?”

Becky says: First of all you need to make your feelings clear. Not in a horrible way but you need to explain to your friend how you feel and speak to your boyfriend to see if he agrees (although he might be oblivious, some men can be!) Explain to your friend that you feel that she is going a bit over the top when it comes to your boyfriend and it makes you feel uncomfortable. If she doesn’t stop then tell her more sternly. Trust is a big part in a relationship so try not to look too jealous but do tell both how you are feeling, if not it may eat away at you and cause a bigger argument when you burst in the end. Just look after yourself 🙂

Rubyyy says: Hmmm well, perhaps it’s fair to say she is flirting… but I think the attention needs to be focused on what you’re feeling here – insecure within your relationship foundations with your boyfriend and your best friend. I am a flirt. I flirt to high heaven because I enjoy pleasurable interactions, being adored and having fun. I am always respectful of people’s boundaries and consent and obviously flirting within everyone’s comfort zone. I would like to think that my best friend could speak to me, if they felt I was being over the top or out of line.
And when you say, the flirting and interaction is different, I would consider the fact that these are the two people who are closest to you in your life; they probably know things that you whispered in the dark or over coffee – now PROMISE you will never bring this up in front of *insert partner or bffs name here* – so maybe it’s fair to assume that their interaction mayyy be a little different, and that’s a lovely thing because their connection is fabulous you!
I say, take some time, get to the root of your feelings and then speak to both of them once some of your emotions have subsided and you’ve had some space to assess the situation.
Love and Light xxx


a post about inspiration

14 Dec

Inspiration is a beautiful and horrid feeling, it can give us the push to create master pieces OR in my case more often than actually wanted…leave you towards a brick wall of “knitters block”. When asked whom or what inspires me? I have to say on a personal level without a doubt it is Helena Bonham Carter [she is even married to my favourite director Tim Burton] what’s not to love about her? She is never afraid to wear something that society would deem to be completely bonkers.

image from here

image from here

Her style is always different and yet completely suits her, my favourite image if of her and her daughter Nell shopping around Notting Hill.

image from here

image from here

Tim Burton has as well actually inspired films, books, probably even the music I listen too as well; ever since my parents bought me his Nightmare before Christmas video; I have always loved the dark side of ‘art’. My love for Batman comes from this too as Tim Burton Directed Batman 1989 and Batman returns 1992 – such classics and let’s not forget Beetlejuice[ remember to say it three times or was it to not say it…]

Before getting too side tracked into the awesomeness of Burton!!!! Inspiration for my work comes from anything really [anything dark and quirky]. I always tend to obsess over a certain idea until I get bored of it. When thinking about who inspires me from the art side it has to be without a doubt H.R Giger. He has created amazing pieces such as Alien and now Prometheus.

“When he was quite young his father received a human skull as a professional promotion from a Pharmaceutical firm, and the young Hansruedi was taken spellbound. He fast developed a fascination with all things dark and strange, and later found inspiration from postcards and magazines photos featuring the works of Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau.”

image from here

image from here

Giger has become a leading airbrush artist; his work does have a very direct alienistic aesthetic; which over time has become his trade mark. I find that his creations are timeless. They have a very now and then appeal, which makes the viewer consider if it is a classic art piece of the postmodern or a new concept.

image from here

image from here

I just love the way he always hones on the female body, and the female sexuality juxtaposed against the machine; you can also make a clear connection to very early ideas such as the silent movie metropolis [which also has an anime version now]. If you have never seen this film WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Both 1920’s and the anime version story line is about a female cyborg created in the image of [depending which one you watch] a young girl which is a computerised weapon or a young women being used in a political power struggle. These early concept of the human condition are also shown through the theories and concepts of Mamoru Oshii that are portrayed in his films Ghost in the shell and anime of the same name[ the main protagonist is a female cyborg called the major]; again these ideas and theories are trickled down into The Matrix. Obviously The Matrix is focused on the male, the part I find mirrors and well actually screams GIGER is the part where Neo wakes up within the human farm. I am in fact a little bit obsessed with these ideals and theories on reality and the merging of human and machine; which in turn leads me to my obsession with anything different, sci-fi, morose, disturbed, dark, gothic, dead…anything like that you name it I will most likely love it.


[my own work]

Here for example is what I am currently doing for my 3rd / final year collection called ‘Biomechaniod paradox’. These two pages show how I have taken inspiration from the idea of conjoined twins and the process of cyborgs from Ghost in the shell 2: innocence opening sequence – and yes a uterus to the dismay of my brother who finds this all disgusting…*sigh* everyone’s a critic. My own work is rather chaotic and always messy and miss judged by an annoying teen. I cannot stand working clean or tidy (my teachers hate this), I think an artist can never work in a sterile room. My room is pretty messy as well to be honest as we need to let our arty juices flow and be free.

About the writer: Kera-anne is currently in her final year at London College of Fashion studying Surface Textiles specialising in Knitwear who loves nothing more than baking, writing and playing the occasional Nintendo game. She wants to give something new to future artists who are yet to taste the confusing fruit that is the fashion industry! When working on a project she tends to go for the darker viewpoints as the work always leans toward the obscurer side of art.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

13 Dec

What happens when three of our writers meet up to discuss the film version of their favourite book? Well, too much talking for one thing, but also this: our first podcast review! Catherine, Sarah and Daisy talk about Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks Of Being A Wallflower which if you don’t know already, is a very good book that FINALLY got made into a pretty good film starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller. Our reviewers talk about the actors, the book/film debate and the legendary ‘infinite song’. No one cried [much] and to top it all off, they got to see the film in an empty cinema which made it even better.



Did you read/see Perks? What did you make of it?

About the writers: Catherine, Sarah and Daisy have known each other for a while [10+years and counting].  Catherine was the first of them to read Perks, she then lent it to Sarah and then to Daisy who both soon got their own copies. They all share a love of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and were thrilled when they realised what a big part it played in Perks and when Richard O’Brien showed up at that Amanda Palmer gig they went to.

Judging a Book by it’s Cover

12 Dec

Judging people… Lets face it, we all do it. Whether it be based on the clothes someone is wearing, the way they speak or how they act, our brains have to make quick, rational and normally quite negative judgements about almost everyone we see. It is the only way we can maintain focus on our daily lives whilst at the same time processing the encounters we experience in everyday life.


Sometimes however, its nice to give the mind a break from all this judgemental stuff and to actually find out a bit more about someone over which you pass judgement. A classic example of this was in a busy coffee shop just the other day. I was early to meet a friend and the only space was on a table shared with a middle aged man. My mind instantly made a judgement.; he was well dressed (a bit slick if you like), franticly typing on a laptop with a Ferrari sticker on (a stock broker or trader perhaps?) and looked distinctly unimpressed when I asked to join his table. “My wife will be along in a couple of minutes so she’ll kick you off but until then”.


The start of our encounter made me think that my initial judgements were correct but as time went on and his wife was delayed we started chatting. By the end of it all I had realised he was actually a lovely man. Funny, chatty, owned his own business and found my not so funny jokes amusing. His wife was equally as lovely and although by the end I knew neither of their names or any specific details.


I was left with a smile on my face.


The real reason for this tale is to encourage you not always to go on your first impression of someone. Yes, it is quicker and easier but by always relying on your initial judgements you are closing yourself off to the possibility of meeting some interesting people, having a nice time and getting passed the cover of that human book.


By Katie

Destined to Play review

11 Dec

The first book I’m going to review for you is one of the ones that has popped up since the arrival of Fifty Shades of Grey. (Just so you all know, I tried to read Fifty Shades but it was hopelessly unreadable from my point of view. I actually struggled to get past the first chapter.)

Destined to Play, part of The Avalon series, by Indigo Bloome isn’t actually as sexed up as the other books in its category appear to be. It starts off very tamely, so tamely infact that you half believe that this is just going to be another one of those chick lit books, but soon enough the real theme of the story takes over.

The protagonist, Alexandra Blake is a prominent psychologist who takes a trip to Sydney, Australia to give some lectures and meet up with her best friend, Dr Jeremy Quinn who basically turns out to be (a point to all those who have guessed) the love her life.

Jeremy Quinn asks Alexandra to be part of a big experiment which is aimed at combating depression and to do this he asks her to surrender her body and sight to him for 48 hours. After some discussion Alexandra agrees and is blinded to the word. Jeremy then tries to heighten Alexandra’s other senses with a series of exciting experiences, not only the rather mildly described sex, but other experiences such as sky diving.

In this book, slightly surprisingly you receive the story through Alexandra’s ‘eyes’ as it were. You don’t see things, only know what she knows. At first I thought that this method of storytelling would detract from the book, but in a way it enhances it by making you take the journey with Alexandra. You are also privy to the memories she shares with Jeremy Quinn which add to the understanding of feelings that Alexandra experiences.

The book ends on a suitable cliff hanger but it is hard to determine how the second book in the current trilogy will be as good as the first book.
This book should be approached with an open mind and not quite as light heartedly as readers of this genre would attribute to their books.

Overall, the book Destined to Play is a slim volume, perhaps not for those so enthralled by the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, but more for those with an interest in psychology. The sex, although included and the book based on some form of S & M is light and quite left alone in places; so I wouldn’t suggest buying it for the sex scenes if that was what you were thinking.

Often books that come under this genre are described as “Porn without Plot” (PWP), Destined to Play is noticeably lacking in porn but full of plot. You have to remember that you are not reading a Fifty Shades rip off with Destined to Play, but a well researched novel about discovery.

I enjoyed this book more than I was expecting to, fully expecting it to fall into the trap of crassly written PWP, but the human interest saved it and the fact that there was something beyond the sex at stake. Once you get into the rhythm of the writing it is a good read, although from time to time you may have to consult Google for the ideas being put forward but apart from that it works very well.
Verdict: If you’re interested in a psychology then this is a good book to pick up. If you’re only looking for a well written romp in the hay and light reading, this book is not for you.

Score: 4 out of 5.

Other reads:
• The Twitter Diaries by Georgie Thomas and Imogen Llyod Webber.
If I’m frank, I don’t think I’m going to like this book as much as I thought I was going to. I shall try and read it to the end but I suspect I shall give up on it long before then. It’s rather like reading my own twitter feed- and I get bored.
A slightly confusing beginning and almost all of it is in Tweets. I hope to give a more overall review next time.
• Is it just me or has the shit hit the fan?: Your hilarious new Guide to unremitting global misery by Steve Lowe and Alan MCatrthur.
Not only is this book hilarious and accurate (with well placed swear words) it just brings some laughter to the world. I haven’t laughed so much at a book in ages and this had me wiping tears from my face during my lunch break from work. It is written as an alphabetical list but is good to dip in and out of for a piece of hilarious banter.

About the writer: Stef is a 21 year old graduate who has a lifelong obsession with books and reading who also loves music and live theatre. You’re most likely to find her in a book shop or out in London standing at a theatre stage door. She can be found on twitter and running The World of Blyton.

Rest Assured… Be Happy!

10 Dec


Have you just had one of those bad days? Probably, yes!* Well, we all do; life is full of ups and downs, we have thus to learn the art of mastering our days carefully to ensure a happy, calm and productive survival.

* Live your present: More anxiety is caused by regretting the past or fear of the future. These two dimensions are out of your control, so take advantage of the experiences of the past and plan for the future expectations.

* Face your fears: Most fears are facts: be brave in the face of difficulties. Train yourself to accept the worst and then work on eliminating that “worst”.

*Accept the facts: Your vision is your reality. Know what your concerns are, then study them well before making a decision that you may regret.

*Remember the dangers of anxiety: Physical ailments such as the heart, skin, stomach, chest, head and back, inflammation and disability and mental illness… etc.

*Engage yourself with usefulness: Whenever you provide time to yourself to think about either your happiness or misery; mostly, you will feel miserable! Ban anxiety by forgetting yourself: rather, focus on socialising, hard work and ambitious goals.

* Believe in the principle of “getting over it”: Do not collide with an inevitable issue. *Impairments and scourges help us to a large unexpected extent. Try and get over things as quickly as possible!

* Learn the art of forgetting: Learn how to forget to live. Don’t accept to be a denounce machine; do not take a position on every passing incident. Minimise the effects of painful and annoying incidents

* Smile: Smiling is the key to happiness and this only comes with effort to make you enjoy the rest of your days. Always give and don’t expect!

* Practice relaxation: Relaxation weakens anxiety and refreshes the mind … Keep calm and exercise!

* The power of Love: Learn how to love yourself, you relatives, friends, surroundings and life.

* Follow the recipe positivity: Mornings of each day are the starting point of positivity throughout your daily journey, make most of them! Remind yourself of this and top-up your spirit with optimism.

* Here are your Top 10 Supplementary boosters; Personally, I try to adopt few as some already exist … We can either make or break our mood , though sometimes it is hard to control the consequences of your and other people’s actions.

1- Be optimist even if you face a negative environment: Renew your thoughts to find and maintain personal balance.
2 – Find enthusiasm in your daily business and innovate creative outlets.
3 – Speak about success and praise your own!
4 – Create a positive environment: Watch out for those who you accompany. Make sure they are successful and explore positivity in them.
5 – Valuate what is around you: Look for positive touches.. Get out of the familiarity and challenge yourself .. Guess what? You will feel more independent and grateful that you tried something different.
6 – Socialise: Don’t be a spectator, exchange views and do not demean anyone.. Ever!
7- Plan for success: Put your program objectives, priorities and aspirations, even before the plans are implemented. Be ambitious and leave yourself options: learn to say “no”.
8 – Never respond to fallacies: watch out any social fallacies, be smart and don’t over react!
9- Take care of yourself: Listen to yourself, feel and enjoy it.. Don’t despise it! Apologise to yourself, first, for all the things you have either done or couldn’t do.
10 – Believe in the “I” factor : Don’t lie to or deceive yourself .. Learn purity, respect and devotion and pay tribute to the “I” factor; if you don’t, no one Will!!!

*Happy Survival*

About the writer: Nesrine is a final year student , MA Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen. Her intention is to break through the media industry in the near future. She speaks four languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Her trait is to: look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a boss…

For All You Curvy Girls

9 Dec

Now I’m not going to lie and pretend that I am not constantly thinking about my weight and my image, because I do (stupid I know), but who can blame me? The image of “perfect” that is presented today is one that is near impossible without surgery, not eating, continuously working out, extensions, teeth whitening… I could go on forever. What ever happened to being comfortable in your own skin? The biggest problem involving image, that our society today is faced with, is weight. Be it obesity or anorexia, or even adding a couple of pounds here and there – weight is constantly on a women’s mind. If I remember correctly, a woman having curves, was sexy, a women with a busty chest and derrière, was lusted after, and a women with confidence, above all, was sexy. But where has that confidence gone lades? A couple of pounds to the stomach or the thighs, and every inch of confidence we have goes down the drain, and the gym seems to be our only thought.

Have your cake and eat it! – Literally!Untitled

“I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.”  Marilyn Monroe

The difference between our society today and what it used to be is that girls consider curves to be their hipbones that stick out, or there ribcage creating a curve to their body shape. Gone are the days where thick thighs and voluptuous women were beautiful, today the fashion world is overtaken with catwalk models; a small population of women that manage to keep their weight to an utmost minimum, no matter the cost.

Curves are what set women aside from men. Curves are meant to be admired, are meant to be held, and are meant to be adored by those with them, as well as those admiring them. Sure we all want to change something about our appearance, from flatter stomachs to thinner thighs to less of the occasional bingo wing situation – but we don’t, and that makes us better than ever!

We all wish for a figure that isn’t ours. If we were all size 6, we would still want more, something else, curves perhaps. But what we have is surely good enough?

Ladies, we are beautiful, and though you don’t believe me now you should do, as someone out there loves your lumps and bumps, loves your hips and thighs, and loves you for you!untitled