About Us

Tired with the content of modern teenage magazines, we’ve decided to create our own! Yellow Bunting is an online magazine that is artistic, creative, body positive, freethinking and food loving.

We offer alternative views on fashion, music and body image.

Remember: “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” -Albert Einstein

Becky has just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing and is very happy with her 2:1. She is friendly, bubbly and just so happens to be the co-creator of Yellow Bunting. She hopes you enjoy it and that you get involved! Click here to see more posts by Becky.

Daisy is an irregular photographer, wannabe writer and full time female. In between tea and toast breaks she spends far too much time on the internet blogging, tumbling and tweeting. She is unapologetic in her love of the Spice Girls. Click here to see more posts by Daisy.

Stef is a 22 year old graduate who has a lifelong obsession with books and reading who also loves music and live theatre. You’re most likely to find her in a book shop or out in London standing at a theatre stage door. She can be found on twitter and running The World of Blyton. Click here to see more posts by Stef.

Rubyyy Jones is a performer, writer and muse; originally from Canada, she moved to London to find the sexier side of life! Rubyyy is no expert but she’s listening, learning and loving her way towards wisdom and peaceful power. Click here to see more posts by Rubyyy.


Melody has just finished a degree in Journalism, Film and Media with a 2:1. She aspires to work with vulnerable women and children subject to domestic, and or other forms of abuse. She is an animal lover and has a small obsession with Fearne Cotton. She is a constant joker and can be found on Twitter. Click here to see more posts by Melody.


Zdena comes from Slovakia but has made Wales her second home, that is when she is not travelling, which she can’t live without. Two important things in her life are books and Scrabble and she also loves world cinema. Click here to see more posts by Zdena.

Previous writers at Yellow Bunting:

Catherine is a biology geek by day and cake baker by night. When she’s not in the kitchen you’ll be able to find her writing, tending to her tomato plant or curled up reading one of her many cookbooks. Click here to see more posts by Catherine.

Sarah is a filmmaker and writer with an obsession for luscious visuals and a distain for tomatoes (they are a sneaky and untrustworthy foodstuff). If she’s not blogging or tweeting, she’ll be watching films or running around with her video camera. Click here to see more posts by Sarah.

Kera-anne has recently graduated from London College of Fashion studying Surface Textiles, specialising in Knitwear who loves nothing more than baking, writing and playing the occasional Nintendo game. She wants to give something new to future artists who are yet to taste the confusing fruit that is the fashion industry! When working on a project she tends to go for the darker viewpoints as the work always leans toward the obscurer side of art. Click here to see more posts by Kera.

Nesrine is a final year student , MA Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen. Her intention is to break through the media industry in the near future. She speaks four languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Her trait is to: look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a boss. Click here to see more posts by Nesrine.

Meg is currently studying English and Creative Writing and hopes to one day become a writer or journalist and be known for her writing. She’s also a part time model and would not so secretly love to become a popstar! She may seem shy at first, but once you get to know her she becomes very loud indeed. Click here to see more posts by Meg.

Alex is a drama graduate and self taught photographer. She started out by photographing her friends unique style and was soon approached by others wanting to be shot by her. She has recently been offered representation and has been listed as a photographer for Vogue Italia. You can find her on twitter, facebook and her website. Click here to see more posts by Alex.

Bryony is a 3rd yr Applied Drama student. When she’s not teaching drama or writing (creative as well as articles) she’s attempting to fullfill her goal of living life to the max. Writing for health & well-being and making a difference here at Yellow Bunting, she loves star-gazing, the theatre, partying, surfing, being outdoors, cider n pasties. Click here to see more posts by Bryony.

Ellie is a history graduate and PR Consultant. She loves reading, dipping into 1984, Harry Potter and The Bell Jar. When she hasn’t got her nose in a book she enjoys creative writing, museums and galleries across the UK. When she has the time, she also likes nothing more than catching up with a few friends over dinner and a cocktail or two! Click here to see more posts by Ellie.

Beth is a music enthusiast as in she listens to music all day, everyday. When she’s not raving in her room she’s reading, working, tweeting or hanging out with her friends. Working towards being a film director, music producer or English teacher, Beth is currently studying media and literature along with more diverse subjects. Click here to see more posts by Beth.

Tahnee (say it Tar-Knee) is an English Literature graduate and works at a theatre in Cardiff where you’ll generally find her getting misty eyes over some new piece of writing. One day she’ll be the director of the Royal Shakespeare Company but until then you’ll find her writing for Yellow Bunting, mooching around second hand books shops and eating cake. She occasionally tweets too. Click here to see more posts by Tahnee.


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