8 Dec

Can we talk about Tuuli for a moment? Yes you say?! Excellent! [‘No’ would have been an unacceptable answer.]

It’s been 10 years since the pop-rock girl band from Canada released their only full-length album, Here We Go, which thinking about it, makes me feel kinda old. And I’m only 21. The line up changed a few times but the Tuuli I knew consisted of Jenny McIsaac [guitar+vocals], Claire Blake [bass], Dawn Mandarino [guitar] and Jen Foster [drums]. These girls were good, really good. They appealed to my inner rock star and inspired me to join the very short lived band that my dear friend biology geek Catherine started in 2003.

She introduced me to their music in an IT lesson 9 years ago and from that moment on I was hooked. The songs were catchy with some truly awesome riffs, second to one backing vocals and damn did they look good! [OMG Claire’s hair.]


Dawn+Jen+Claire+Jenny=dream team

These were the girls I wanted to be. I wanted to have bright red hair, play guitar, write music and tour with my best friends in our very own rock band: what 13 year old girl wouldn’t?! [Sadly though, I realised that song writing was hard and as a pretty sheltered 13 year old, I had nothing to write about.]

I’ll admit that Tuuli weren’t to everyone’s taste- the singing was sometimes too sugary sweet, the backing vocals could be comical and the lyrics were occasionally clichéd but that doesn’t stop the fact that Here We Go was [is?] a fantastic album and I love it.

Let’s be honest: most of the songs seem to be about boys. Or rather, how silly boys are. And about breaking up with them, realising when they’re no good for you and their downfalls. All useful, practical life lessons and no I’m not being sarcastic. That’s the one of the things I learned from this album: if you ever get your heart broken by some guy [or girl] don’t let it destroy your life. No one is worth getting that upset about, life goes on and you’ve got plenty else to look forward to. [Like going on tour with your best friends in your very own rock band.]

The album itself is short but full of catchy, upbeat songs that pack a punch. Starting off with Wake Up, a killer opening track that sets the tone for the album: great guitar riffs, those distinctive backing vocals and beautiful harmonies. It’s Over is one of the many break up songs, but instead of being slow and slightly depressing it’s quick and slightly blasé. The lyric “cry me a river we’re so through” is amazing as it sounds like such an offhand comment. Like the break up was a casual thing, ‘oh, we broke up? That’s cool. Wait you’re upset about this? Like I care!’. I could of course, be entirely wrong about this, but I like to think it’s true.

Moving onto Where Are You Now? [again about an ex] it features one of my favourite lyrics from Tuuli and a tale about a bad relationship. Boy and girl are in a relationship, boy thinks girl can’t do anything, girl dumps boy cause he’s being a dick, girl carries on with her very own rock band, boy fails and doesn’t move forward in life. Lesson: chuck ‘em if they doubt you and your potential. Next up is the only remotely ballad-y type song on the album. Thousand Stars is beautiful though the lyrics are more abstract than other songs and can get a bit deep and meaningful.

The mood is picked right back up by Rockstar Boyfriends, with a kick ass opening riff and the BEST backing vocals of the album. Lies, deceit and the cold truth are the order of the day here in my second favourite song on the album. The upbeat-ness is continued with Summer Song, a story about a lazy boyfriend and a fed up girlfriend. Up next: Whipped with a fantastic intro. It’s the more moody and less bouncy track of the album, interestingly though, this time the criticism is self-directed and the writers [Dawn and Jenny] discuss their own flaws. And that bass outro. Oooh.


10 Miles To Go is the touring song! It’s romanticised probably a little bit but it makes touring with your best friends in your very own rock band sound like the best thing ever. [Which they said it was in an interview they did.] Another break up song: Who’s The Fool Now [I’m sure you can make an educated guess by this point]. Heartbreakers outs some guy as a liar and an egotistical prick whose latest moves haven’t worked. It’s a fun song, having an almost Reel Big Fish quality to it [heavy lyrics sung in an upbeat, cheery fashion].

Denial is yet another break up song, in a similar vane to It’s Over in that there’s no tears and the writer promises herself that she’ll leave this guy without getting too emotional. Eh is all I can say about this song though. Last but by no means least, the title track: Here We Go aka the best song of the record. It’s a celebration of all the things that make Tuuli, Tuuli: the backing vocals are back with a vengeance, the guitars are big and loud and the harmonies are incredible. Yes, the song is about a boy, but it highlights his idiocy and the girls distaste for his lifestyle: partying, driving around at 3 in the morning and fighting. Lesson: it’s OK not to like what your boyfriend does. You can always dump him and write a song about it.

To celebrate the 10 years since Tuuli released Here We Go, I’m going to honour them with an award ceremony [of sorts]. Why? Because I want to. And because they deserve it.

*drumroll please*

Song with best backing vocals: Rockstar Boyfriends

Funniest lyrics: “this summer sucks but it’s winter in Australia” [Summer Song]

Badass-est lyrics: “I’ll never take you back, I won’t make that mistake [even when I’m drunk!]” [Rockstar Boyfriends]

Best dressed: Jenny McIsaac

Raddest hair: Claire Blake

Best song: Here We Go

Best guitar riff: intro to Whipped

Best video: Summer Song [guys: Jen Blackwood’s in it!]

Weirdest video: Who’s The Fool Now [wut did I just watch?]

About the writer: Daisy is an irregular photographer, wannabe writer and full time female. In between tea and toast breaks she spends far too much time on the internet blogging, tumbling and tweeting. She is unapologetic in her love of the Spice Girls.


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