Judging a Book by it’s Cover

12 Dec

Judging people… Lets face it, we all do it. Whether it be based on the clothes someone is wearing, the way they speak or how they act, our brains have to make quick, rational and normally quite negative judgements about almost everyone we see. It is the only way we can maintain focus on our daily lives whilst at the same time processing the encounters we experience in everyday life.


Sometimes however, its nice to give the mind a break from all this judgemental stuff and to actually find out a bit more about someone over which you pass judgement. A classic example of this was in a busy coffee shop just the other day. I was early to meet a friend and the only space was on a table shared with a middle aged man. My mind instantly made a judgement.; he was well dressed (a bit slick if you like), franticly typing on a laptop with a Ferrari sticker on (a stock broker or trader perhaps?) and looked distinctly unimpressed when I asked to join his table. “My wife will be along in a couple of minutes so she’ll kick you off but until then”.


The start of our encounter made me think that my initial judgements were correct but as time went on and his wife was delayed we started chatting. By the end of it all I had realised he was actually a lovely man. Funny, chatty, owned his own business and found my not so funny jokes amusing. His wife was equally as lovely and although by the end I knew neither of their names or any specific details.


I was left with a smile on my face.


The real reason for this tale is to encourage you not always to go on your first impression of someone. Yes, it is quicker and easier but by always relying on your initial judgements you are closing yourself off to the possibility of meeting some interesting people, having a nice time and getting passed the cover of that human book.


By Katie


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