Destined to Play review

11 Dec

The first book I’m going to review for you is one of the ones that has popped up since the arrival of Fifty Shades of Grey. (Just so you all know, I tried to read Fifty Shades but it was hopelessly unreadable from my point of view. I actually struggled to get past the first chapter.)

Destined to Play, part of The Avalon series, by Indigo Bloome isn’t actually as sexed up as the other books in its category appear to be. It starts off very tamely, so tamely infact that you half believe that this is just going to be another one of those chick lit books, but soon enough the real theme of the story takes over.

The protagonist, Alexandra Blake is a prominent psychologist who takes a trip to Sydney, Australia to give some lectures and meet up with her best friend, Dr Jeremy Quinn who basically turns out to be (a point to all those who have guessed) the love her life.

Jeremy Quinn asks Alexandra to be part of a big experiment which is aimed at combating depression and to do this he asks her to surrender her body and sight to him for 48 hours. After some discussion Alexandra agrees and is blinded to the word. Jeremy then tries to heighten Alexandra’s other senses with a series of exciting experiences, not only the rather mildly described sex, but other experiences such as sky diving.

In this book, slightly surprisingly you receive the story through Alexandra’s ‘eyes’ as it were. You don’t see things, only know what she knows. At first I thought that this method of storytelling would detract from the book, but in a way it enhances it by making you take the journey with Alexandra. You are also privy to the memories she shares with Jeremy Quinn which add to the understanding of feelings that Alexandra experiences.

The book ends on a suitable cliff hanger but it is hard to determine how the second book in the current trilogy will be as good as the first book.
This book should be approached with an open mind and not quite as light heartedly as readers of this genre would attribute to their books.

Overall, the book Destined to Play is a slim volume, perhaps not for those so enthralled by the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, but more for those with an interest in psychology. The sex, although included and the book based on some form of S & M is light and quite left alone in places; so I wouldn’t suggest buying it for the sex scenes if that was what you were thinking.

Often books that come under this genre are described as “Porn without Plot” (PWP), Destined to Play is noticeably lacking in porn but full of plot. You have to remember that you are not reading a Fifty Shades rip off with Destined to Play, but a well researched novel about discovery.

I enjoyed this book more than I was expecting to, fully expecting it to fall into the trap of crassly written PWP, but the human interest saved it and the fact that there was something beyond the sex at stake. Once you get into the rhythm of the writing it is a good read, although from time to time you may have to consult Google for the ideas being put forward but apart from that it works very well.
Verdict: If you’re interested in a psychology then this is a good book to pick up. If you’re only looking for a well written romp in the hay and light reading, this book is not for you.

Score: 4 out of 5.

Other reads:
• The Twitter Diaries by Georgie Thomas and Imogen Llyod Webber.
If I’m frank, I don’t think I’m going to like this book as much as I thought I was going to. I shall try and read it to the end but I suspect I shall give up on it long before then. It’s rather like reading my own twitter feed- and I get bored.
A slightly confusing beginning and almost all of it is in Tweets. I hope to give a more overall review next time.
• Is it just me or has the shit hit the fan?: Your hilarious new Guide to unremitting global misery by Steve Lowe and Alan MCatrthur.
Not only is this book hilarious and accurate (with well placed swear words) it just brings some laughter to the world. I haven’t laughed so much at a book in ages and this had me wiping tears from my face during my lunch break from work. It is written as an alphabetical list but is good to dip in and out of for a piece of hilarious banter.

About the writer: Stef is a 21 year old graduate who has a lifelong obsession with books and reading who also loves music and live theatre. You’re most likely to find her in a book shop or out in London standing at a theatre stage door. She can be found on twitter and running The World of Blyton.


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