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15 Dec

“I think my best friend is flirting with my boyfriend. she’s naturally very cheeky and flirty with everyone but it seems different with him and she’s known him for longer than i have. am i just being over sensitive because we’re all so close?”

Becky says: First of all you need to make your feelings clear. Not in a horrible way but you need to explain to your friend how you feel and speak to your boyfriend to see if he agrees (although he might be oblivious, some men can be!) Explain to your friend that you feel that she is going a bit over the top when it comes to your boyfriend and it makes you feel uncomfortable. If she doesn’t stop then tell her more sternly. Trust is a big part in a relationship so try not to look too jealous but do tell both how you are feeling, if not it may eat away at you and cause a bigger argument when you burst in the end. Just look after yourself 🙂

Rubyyy says: Hmmm well, perhaps it’s fair to say she is flirting… but I think the attention needs to be focused on what you’re feeling here – insecure within your relationship foundations with your boyfriend and your best friend. I am a flirt. I flirt to high heaven because I enjoy pleasurable interactions, being adored and having fun. I am always respectful of people’s boundaries and consent and obviously flirting within everyone’s comfort zone. I would like to think that my best friend could speak to me, if they felt I was being over the top or out of line.
And when you say, the flirting and interaction is different, I would consider the fact that these are the two people who are closest to you in your life; they probably know things that you whispered in the dark or over coffee – now PROMISE you will never bring this up in front of *insert partner or bffs name here* – so maybe it’s fair to assume that their interaction mayyy be a little different, and that’s a lovely thing because their connection is fabulous you!
I say, take some time, get to the root of your feelings and then speak to both of them once some of your emotions have subsided and you’ve had some space to assess the situation.
Love and Light xxx


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