Rest Assured… Be Happy!

10 Dec


Have you just had one of those bad days? Probably, yes!* Well, we all do; life is full of ups and downs, we have thus to learn the art of mastering our days carefully to ensure a happy, calm and productive survival.

* Live your present: More anxiety is caused by regretting the past or fear of the future. These two dimensions are out of your control, so take advantage of the experiences of the past and plan for the future expectations.

* Face your fears: Most fears are facts: be brave in the face of difficulties. Train yourself to accept the worst and then work on eliminating that “worst”.

*Accept the facts: Your vision is your reality. Know what your concerns are, then study them well before making a decision that you may regret.

*Remember the dangers of anxiety: Physical ailments such as the heart, skin, stomach, chest, head and back, inflammation and disability and mental illness… etc.

*Engage yourself with usefulness: Whenever you provide time to yourself to think about either your happiness or misery; mostly, you will feel miserable! Ban anxiety by forgetting yourself: rather, focus on socialising, hard work and ambitious goals.

* Believe in the principle of “getting over it”: Do not collide with an inevitable issue. *Impairments and scourges help us to a large unexpected extent. Try and get over things as quickly as possible!

* Learn the art of forgetting: Learn how to forget to live. Don’t accept to be a denounce machine; do not take a position on every passing incident. Minimise the effects of painful and annoying incidents

* Smile: Smiling is the key to happiness and this only comes with effort to make you enjoy the rest of your days. Always give and don’t expect!

* Practice relaxation: Relaxation weakens anxiety and refreshes the mind … Keep calm and exercise!

* The power of Love: Learn how to love yourself, you relatives, friends, surroundings and life.

* Follow the recipe positivity: Mornings of each day are the starting point of positivity throughout your daily journey, make most of them! Remind yourself of this and top-up your spirit with optimism.

* Here are your Top 10 Supplementary boosters; Personally, I try to adopt few as some already exist … We can either make or break our mood , though sometimes it is hard to control the consequences of your and other people’s actions.

1- Be optimist even if you face a negative environment: Renew your thoughts to find and maintain personal balance.
2 – Find enthusiasm in your daily business and innovate creative outlets.
3 – Speak about success and praise your own!
4 – Create a positive environment: Watch out for those who you accompany. Make sure they are successful and explore positivity in them.
5 – Valuate what is around you: Look for positive touches.. Get out of the familiarity and challenge yourself .. Guess what? You will feel more independent and grateful that you tried something different.
6 – Socialise: Don’t be a spectator, exchange views and do not demean anyone.. Ever!
7- Plan for success: Put your program objectives, priorities and aspirations, even before the plans are implemented. Be ambitious and leave yourself options: learn to say “no”.
8 – Never respond to fallacies: watch out any social fallacies, be smart and don’t over react!
9- Take care of yourself: Listen to yourself, feel and enjoy it.. Don’t despise it! Apologise to yourself, first, for all the things you have either done or couldn’t do.
10 – Believe in the “I” factor : Don’t lie to or deceive yourself .. Learn purity, respect and devotion and pay tribute to the “I” factor; if you don’t, no one Will!!!

*Happy Survival*

About the writer: Nesrine is a final year student , MA Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen. Her intention is to break through the media industry in the near future. She speaks four languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Her trait is to: look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a boss…


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