For All You Curvy Girls

9 Dec

Now I’m not going to lie and pretend that I am not constantly thinking about my weight and my image, because I do (stupid I know), but who can blame me? The image of “perfect” that is presented today is one that is near impossible without surgery, not eating, continuously working out, extensions, teeth whitening… I could go on forever. What ever happened to being comfortable in your own skin? The biggest problem involving image, that our society today is faced with, is weight. Be it obesity or anorexia, or even adding a couple of pounds here and there – weight is constantly on a women’s mind. If I remember correctly, a woman having curves, was sexy, a women with a busty chest and derrière, was lusted after, and a women with confidence, above all, was sexy. But where has that confidence gone lades? A couple of pounds to the stomach or the thighs, and every inch of confidence we have goes down the drain, and the gym seems to be our only thought.

Have your cake and eat it! – Literally!Untitled

“I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.”  Marilyn Monroe

The difference between our society today and what it used to be is that girls consider curves to be their hipbones that stick out, or there ribcage creating a curve to their body shape. Gone are the days where thick thighs and voluptuous women were beautiful, today the fashion world is overtaken with catwalk models; a small population of women that manage to keep their weight to an utmost minimum, no matter the cost.

Curves are what set women aside from men. Curves are meant to be admired, are meant to be held, and are meant to be adored by those with them, as well as those admiring them. Sure we all want to change something about our appearance, from flatter stomachs to thinner thighs to less of the occasional bingo wing situation – but we don’t, and that makes us better than ever!

We all wish for a figure that isn’t ours. If we were all size 6, we would still want more, something else, curves perhaps. But what we have is surely good enough?

Ladies, we are beautiful, and though you don’t believe me now you should do, as someone out there loves your lumps and bumps, loves your hips and thighs, and loves you for you!untitled


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