Inspiration: body hair

27 Oct

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Think about these words for a moment: female body hair.

They are just three little words but boy can they cause a debate! We shave for different reasons and likewise we don’t shave for different reasons; all that matters is that it’s YOUR CHOICE. Don’t feel pressured into shaving anything just because society deems it as ‘the thing to do’ and it’s something all you’re friends/enemies/people at school/so called ‘celebrities’ are doing. Peer pressure blows: DON’T GIVE INTO IT!

photo from Hairy Pits Club

If you’re not comfortable or happy with it then simply don’t do it. Do what you feel happy with- if you want to shave, that’s fine! If you shave every other week, that’s great! If you don’t shave at all, HUZZAH! I 100% support your decision.

This here is a great tumblr to take a gander at if you feel at all confused, conflicted or dead sure about female body hair: Hairy Pits Club. It’s full of beautiful girls of all shapes and sizes proudly showing off their armpit hair.

photo from Hairy Pits Club

And now, some inspiring dapper ladies for you:

image from here

Grace Jones

image from here

Rubyyy Jones

image from here

Amanda Fucking Palmer

image from here

Shazia Mirza

image from here

Kathleen Hanna

image from here

Seen Lee

image from here

Beth Ditto

As for me, well I love my pits and I call them my Wookies.


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