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Inspiration: Ideas of Beauty

19 May

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Usually with these inspiration pieces I try to add some thoughts of my own but for this one I can’t. There’s nothing more to say.

So I will leave you with this picture and this: have a wonderful day.

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Ask Us Anything!

18 May

“I’m dating a slightly older guy [I’m 20 and he’s 29] and some of my friends keep bringing up the age difference which is starting to annoy me. We’ve been dating for just under a year and while I’ve tried telling them to leave it alone they won’t quit. How can I get them to see what I see?”

Hi there! Thanks for the question! Hmmm… Wish we could have a chat because I would like to ask you some more questions really… I would have asked you: what is it, more specifically, that your friends say? Do they think he’s pushing you too fast or in the wrong way? Do the think he’s influencing you in a way that may not be healthy? Or is it just teasing – calling him Grandpa Hot or whatever – which is more directly about the difference…
I have, more often than not, dated people who were older than me. This has never been my intent and I have dated people the same age or only slightly older and to be honest, it has just been who I was attracted to and that’s that.
Not knowing the specifics of the situation I’ll go with the angle that’s not just playful teasing SO I would advise that you take some quiet space to consider what your friends have said.
Take some quiet time alone, light a candle, sit on the floor, breathe deeply and quiet your mind and heart. Imagine the things your friend’s have said in a little cloud, a speech bubble and reading/replay it in your mind… Notice what your heart and that little voice in your head or gut says, does a part of you connect with what they are saying?
If it’s a no and/or it’s the teasing option, you need to be a bit firmer in your communication with your friends because essentially you’re not being heard and that can really effect friendships over time.
If it’s a “yes” you do feel a part of you connecting with their worries, questions or whatever you need to spend some more time exploring that. Be honest with yourself. Open up to yourself and your heart and hear what you really want and need; then maybe you need to have a little chit chat with your boyfriend..
I wish I could help more! But either way, you need to reconnect with how how you feel and then be firm in yourself and whatever communication what will develop out of that conversation with yourself
Love and Light Darling!

Things I wish I’d been told before going to university

17 May

If any of you are in your last couple of years at school then the chances are that you’ve put some thought into university. Will you go, won’t you go? And if you do go, where will you go and what will you study? At my school we were made to feel like university was the only real option and that the decisions we were making would determine the rest of our lives. These are the things I wish someone had told me before I went:

1. You don’t have to go straight away.
If you don’t know what you want to do then it’s okay to take a year out. Take some time to think about it, maybe see if you can get some work experience in jobs you might be interested in. If you utterly screwed up your A-levels like a certain Yellow Bunting writer (ahem…) then you can take them again, you don’t have to settle for whatever terrible university will take you. One year (or two or three!) is nothing in the grand scheme of things, it’s worth it to make sure you’re making the right decision for yourself instead of rushing into something that’s all wrong.

2. You don’t have to go at all. Seriously.
When I was in year 11 we were told “if you don’t go to sixth form and get A-levels you’ll never get a good job”, in sixth form we were told “if you don’t go to university you’ll never get a decent job”. It’s not true. Yes, there are some jobs that require a degree but there are also plenty that don’t. If you know what you want to do then look at the ways of getting into it; do you need a degree or are there other routes? And if you don’t know what you want to do then go back to point 1!

3. It’s not that big a deal. Relax.
It’s pretty scary to think that the decisions you make as a 17 or 18 year old are going to determine the rest of your life. Don’t worry. They aren’t. Say you come out of uni with a degree in chemistry, you aren’t then doomed to be a chemist forevermore. There are graduate schemes for all sorts of careers that take applications from graduates in any subject. There are graduate entry degrees in things like medicine and law. And remember point 2; there are all sorts of jobs that don’t require a degree at all.

About the writer: Catherine is a biology geek by day and cake baker by night. When she’s not in the kitchen you’ll be able to find her writing, tending to her tomato plant or curled up reading one of her many cookbooks.

Bad direction

15 May

We’ve all heard of them. If you haven’t, I’m wondering what cave you’ve been hiding in and if there’s any more room? No, in all seriousness, since being on the X Factor One Direction, have become one of the biggest selling boybands of all time. Their ‘Directioners’ are nothing but supportive and will certainly not let their beloved boys receive any insult without strongly defending them.

The group originally started out as five separate boys auditioning for the show, but the judges decided to put them all together as a group, believing that they would work better this way. They were right! Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Niall have been booted to stardom since winning third place. I have one gripe with this band however and that’s not Harry’s continued publicity with present/ex/who the fuck cares what the tabloids make up, girlfriend, Taylor Swift; it is in fact their songs.

Their first song, in my opinion is amazing. What Makes you Beautiful, is a brilliant message to send to their legions of young female fans worldwide. This song talks about how a girl is beautiful but she doesn’t realise it. This is a lovely message to send. In a way, this could be saying that all of you girls out there who think you are ugly or are struggling with self-esteem issues, you are still beautiful no matter what you think and there is someone who realises this even if you are unsure of it yourself. I believed that this band really had potential and they did. They really had potential to show young women how to feel about themselves, which is what Yellow Bunting aims to do. For such a major emerging popular band, this is such a breakthrough. However they ruined this with another song…

‘Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy til we see the sun’, ‘hey girl, it’s now or never’ and ‘if we get together, don’t let the pictures leave your phone’ are just some of the examples of lyrics of Live while we’re young. In fact the chorus of the song is ‘tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young’. With a catchy beat, I even find myself nodding along to this song on the radio and can quite imagine plenty of teenage girls dancing around in their bedrooms to quite frankly these disgusting lyrics. Now I’m not one for these scapegoats for how society acts. I don’t agree that the Columbine shooting had anything to do with Marilyn Manson or his music but maybe a lot to do with the lax gun laws in America. However for such a publicised fashionable band to like, I cannot believe that they are allowed to release this kind of material. Especially when it is quite common for pictures to get out of girls by their male counterparts, telling girls not to let ‘the pictures leave your phone’ can only end badly. This isn’t my main gripe with the song however. The lyrics, ‘I know we only met but pretend its love’. In other words, we’ve just met but let’s pretend we’re in love so we can fuck all night.

However with five young boys in the band, is this the right publicity stunt to give them? Aren’t they meant to come across as clean cut? Now I’m not saying that younger girls are easily influenced but for their record company to release this song sends feminism back a number of years and teenage pregnancies up higher. Not because the target audience is influential but because this song makes it seem that there is nothing wrong with just sleeping around. And also some of the audience may be easily influenced: is it their duty as they are in the limelight to send out the right message?

Sending a bad message out is however not a new thing. Popular 90’s band, The Spice Girls, released many songs with titles and lyrics that were meant to connote different things that young ears should maybe not hear. (The age group for the Spice Girls was probably a tad younger than for One Direction). But with modern culture seeming to decline in any morale and kindness for others, is this then more reason to promote good feeling about yourself and not sleeping around? Like in What Makes you Beautiful, did they have it right the first time?

But is it the band’s right to influence their fans? Or should they just be able to go on and live their lives?  Although they don’t have to bring it into their music. Whatever artists say is forever recorded in papers and in the press and can be brought back at any moment. If JK Rowling, in the height of Harry Potter, had said pretend you’re in love so that you can fuck around, there would have been outrage because of her younger readers. However because these are five young boys, it seems to have been ignored. So do these boys owe something to their fans to be somewhat of a good influence? Or is this just modern culture and we need to get used to it? Or is it in fact just a catchy tune that no one listens to the lyrics of? Well let me just ask you this, do you not find it easier to sing along to your favourite song rather than revise maths? The lyrics stick in your head. I for one can admit to listening to sad songs, trying to make them fit to my situation at hand. So what do you think Yellow Bunting readers? Do One Direction owe it to their fans and modern culture to send a good message out or can they simply go in a bad direction?

About the Writer: Becky has just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing and is very happy with her 2:1. She is friendly, bubbly and just so happens to be the co-creator of Yellow Bunting. She hopes you enjoy it and that you get involved!

Top TV opening titles part two

13 May

As soon as I’d finished last week’s article I immediately remembered a whole host of other opening sequences that I felt should have gone in so here are ones I missed last time…

Game of Thrones (HBO, 2011-Present)

An epic title sequence for an epic show, the music and the visuals are rich in detail and echo the effort that goes into the series as a whole.

Dexter (Showtime, 2006-Present)

A show about a serial killer who (mostly) only kills bad guys. The opening sequences shows a mundane morning routine from a morbid point of view, juxtaposing the title characters true nature with the front he puts on for friends and family.

Pokemon (1998-1999)

Don’t judge me

Community (NBC, 2009-Present)

A sitcom about a group of misfits at community college, the opening titles are so upbeat and cheery it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Also, special episodes tweak it a bit, my personal favourite being the Christmas special where stop motion Abed sings it while dancing on a car.

About the Writer: Sarah is a filmmaker and writer with an obsession for luscious visuals and a distain for tomatoes (they are a sneaky and untrustworthy foodstuff). If she’s not blogging or tweeting, she’ll be watching films or running around with her video camera.

A Little Happy Girl

11 May

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called The First World. Although its vassal’s thought of themselves as enlightened, the truth was they were selfish and cold hearted. They always wanted to look good and following the saying ‘Clothes make the Man’, they were buying expensive clothes made by the poor people in The Third World. They ignored the fact that those people were treated like slaves and they would not be able to buy a button of the shirt they made with their salaries even if they worked 19 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well, it is hard to think of someone far, far away if you are not considerate to people closer to you. And they weren’t. They would let their neighbours starve in the name of some abstract idea that made only a few of them rich.

They cared more for their pets. When they took the dogs for a walk, they didn’t bother to tidy up after them, even though they knew that children played in those parks even after their pets used them as toilets. They knew that dog’s poo could make the little ones ill with heartworms, roundworms, tapeworms or other diseases with weird names like parvo, corona, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis or campylobacteriosis, which would cause the children who would put everything in their mouth because that was their way of learning fever, muscle aches, headaches, vomiting or diarrhoea. They wouldn’t collect the dog’s poo even from the streets, so as soon as one stepped out of their homes, they had to watch their step if they didn’t want their expensive shoes to be soiled. That was a part of a grand plan of the regime. If people were more concerned with mundane everydayness, they wouldn’t concentrate on evil doings of the economic top.

So the blindness wasn’t really people’s fault. They were programmed by the world’s leaders. The constant presence of TV screen served as a great channel to persuade commoners of what they needed in their lives, what was expected of them and most of all, the information that reached them was carefully censored so they would hardly learn about the slavery in The Third World, about the real goals of the major corporations and about the fact that they were being exploited. If they knew about it, they would get really mad. If the good people of the kingdom could get their hands on the book No Logo by Naomi Klein, they could wake up from their zombie-like sleep and see what was really happening around them.

Not everyone was brainwashed, especially the people who didn’t listen to the news. They were called the enemy of the state because they saw the truth. They understood the great evil that the regime represented and they were not afraid to stand up and march against it, boycott it and live lives free of consumerism.

One of them was a Little Happy Girl. She always tried to help the less fortunate, like that day, she helped to feed the hungry ones. She was feeling exhilarated. The day couldn’t have been better. It was an early spring, the grass was of fresh green colour, the trees were in buds, the air was warm. On her way home, she decided to cut through the park and enjoy the light breeze in her hair. There was a man with two little cute dogs on the leads. Both of them had diamond collars and white bows on the top of their heads. Their little legs made pitter-patter sounds. The man was holding the full poo bag.

‘What a fantastic day!’ the little girl thought to herself when suddenly, with an abrupt movement, the man tossed the bag into the bushes. The Little Happy Girl became furious. She was red in face and she was breathing heavily. The man must have felt her stare because he turned around to look at her. He could see the fury. In a few strides she was breathing words about the bins and the fines on his neck. He played blissful ignorance and the girl wished she could do something. At that moment she felt as if to feed the man from that bag he threw in the bushes but she knew she had to save her world in a peaceful manner. She understood she didn’t have superpowers to save the whole world because, anyway, there was too much to solve in her close proximity.

Later that day, after she calmed down and was able to think straight, she called the good people who knew what to do. They told her that she should never play a hero but to speak to a ranger or go to the nearest café who would call one. She would describe a perpetrator and they would find him and deal with him. They were trained to deal with the situation safely.

The Little Happy Girl felt a little bit more powerful, she wasn’t alone. She was happy again.

Zdena comes from Slovakia but has made Wales her second home, that is when she is not travelling, which she can’t live without. Two important things in her life are books and Scrabble and she also loves world cinema.

2013: The New 2003?

10 May

If you know Catherine or I, you’ll know that we like to pretend that we’re wise, old women who had great music to listen to while we were growing up. This seemed to peak in 2003 with albums like Sleeping With Ghosts, Absolution, The Dresden Dolls, Coral Fang and E.Von Dahl Killed The Locals being released. Unfortunately we are now in a state of despair because today’s music isn’t living up to our expectations. And I don’t just mean the addition of Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift or Adele to the music scene, I mean people like Alkaline Trio and The Ataris. Musicians and bands we listened to in 2003 that have waned recently.


various images from here, here, here and here

However, recent and not so recent announcements have got me all kinds of excited for 2013 and reclaiming good music and here’s why:

-New Devil Doll album. This Facebook status from last year mentions a new album for 2013 and I couldn’t be happier. Although I preferred Queen of Pain to The Return of Eve, I’ll be interested with the sound for this album. Though both were very sexy [cold shower anyone?] Queen of Pain was jazzier than the country influenced Return of Eve. Could we have some form of country-jazz fusion? Most probably not.

-New Creepshow album. They’ve been demoing for a while and finally made the announcement a few weeks ago that they were in the studio, recording proper. Sell Your Soul and They All Fall Down are superb albums though I can’t say the same for Run For Your Life. It’ll also be interesting to hear yet another singer for the band: what will they be like without a Blackwood?

-New AFI album [if this weird video is anything to go by]. Mr Havok released a book about a month ago, which I have yet to read but hand on heart I’m more enthusiastic about their new album. Crash Love was a welcome release after December Underground [thank god for Black Audio which seems to be feeding Davey and Jade’s electro habit] though my favourite will forever be Sing the Sorrow.

-New Less Than Jake album. Their first LP of new material since GNV, FLA after the few EPs they’ve released. I’m intrigued with how they’ll sound. As I’ve mentioned before In With The Out Crowd was not an LTJ album, but GNV, FLA sounded very much like their old stuff. Hmmm… Tricky, but nonetheless I’m still looking forward to it.

-Bitter Ruin are building their own studio. They did a rather successful Kickstarter to back the new album/studio, which at the time of writing is £9,000 over their intended target of £20,000. I admit that on a first listen, their music seems a bit strange but We’re Not Dancing is a brilliant release and they’ve got such a unique sound, I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for this one.

-New Imelda May album. After having an adorable baby in 2012, Imelda May stated she’ll be back in the studio this year and that the album will hopefully be out by the end of 2013. While I didn’t love Mayhem as much as Love Tattoo, her albums have all been solid, splendid pieces of work and I eagerly await the end of the year [not that I’m trying to wish the time away].

-New Manics album? Possibly if this status is anything to go by! Let’s not talk about Lifeblood and move swiftly on, shall we? Send Away The Tigers saw the band return to form [thank goodness] and let’s not forget their epic cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella a year later. Journal For Plague Lovers was a brave release and a fantastic album. In my head I had some preconceptions and possibly hesitations about what it would sound like but they were dashed as soon as I started listening to it. Postcards From a Young Man was good, but not as good as it’s predecessor. I’m looking forward to it, but not necessarily the limited-edition-bonus-demo-tracks-on-a-whole-other-album they seem to being doing a lot of lately…

About the writer: Daisy is an irregular photographer, wannabe writer and full time female. In between tea and toast breaks she spends far too much time on the internet blogging, tumbling and tweeting. She is unapologetic in her love of the Spice Girls.