Ask Us Anything!

4 Oct

“How do I tell my boyfriend that I’m not ready to have sex?”

Rubyyy says: Ummmm Tell him you’re not ready to have sex! And to be honest, you probably are having sex, just because it doesn’t involve vaginal penetration by a penis, doesn’t mean it’s not sex honeyyy!

So here’s the thing… You should be dating, one day having sex, with the kind of person who you can say “I’m not ready, I love you, let’s make out” to and they’ll love you, respect you and that boundary with no expectation. Is your boyfriend that kinda guy?

It’s hard, we’re young and in love, we’re beautiful and horny but that doesn’t mean we’re ready and I’m pleased that you know that, that you can at least express to me. If it feels hard to communicate because you feel embarrassed or whatever that’s fair enough but you’re judging yourself there and probably applying someone else’s opinions or choices to how you feel about it.

You know how you feel. You’re not ready. Be the powerful young woman you are and stand on your own team, this is your body, your sex and your experience and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do exactly what’s right for you. Don’t give me any: “But all my friends” or “what if he” focus on you, on communicating and standing firm in what is right for you. Love and Light xxx

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