Ask Us Anything!

20 Sep

“I’m off to uni soon and I’m worried about making friends. I’m quite shy and not very confident at just going up to people and start talking. Any words of advice?”

Hi There!
This one is perhaps “easier said than done” but I’m going to say it anyway… Uni is there perfect place and time to meet new people and they’ll be many social opportunities, clubs and groups you can join. Join at least one last involves something you want to learn about and one that involves something you’re a pro at; more chance of meeting new folks with common or unique interests.
Also, check your language. You said outright “I’m quite shy and not very confident…” and it’s one thing to be shy or soft spoken but to accept and present to people that you’re not confident is letting you down. Why aren’t you confident? I’m sure you’re awesome! You need to examine that a little bit and BE confident!
Uni is a perfect time to reinvent yourself, I reinvented myself when I moved to London and though I was SCARED OUT OF MY MIND to move alone, to a foreign country, where I knew no one and had no friends, I did it cause I knew in the long run I would be happy.
Put yourself out there sweetheart, know you are someone worth knowing and faces the part of you that says you’re not – Best of luck! Congratulations! Love and Light! xxx

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