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16 Sep

It’s that time of year again! The X Factor is back and it’s the start of countdown to the festive season. My Saturday evenings are now booked up until Christmas, call me sad: I don’t really care that it’s a cheesy show and I can’t help but love it. What’s even better about this series? Sharon Osbourne is back…and funnier than ever! Call her what you like but she is my hero and this is why I am dedicating this entry to her.

Sharon Osbourne was born in October 1952 in Brixton London, one of the music hotspots of the UK. Her father was a music promoter and at the tender age of 18 is when she met Mr Ozzy Osbourne. When he was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979, she took over his management. She was responsible for the make up of Ozzy’s backing band and played a huge part in the launch of a very successful solo career for him.

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Mrs Osbourne is a very business minded woman and after managing Ozzy’s solo career, she created the Ozzfest summer touring festival in 1996, which is still an on going event. Following on from the success of managing Ozzy, this feisty lady created Sharon Osbourne Management and has managed many artists including Motörhead and The Smashing Pumpkins who have had a very successful run.

In addition to her career as a music manager, she has appeared on many, many television shows, including her own reality TV show. As mentioned, she has just made an epic return to The X Factor and had previously appeared on America’s Got Talent and a couple of talk shows  such as The Sharon Osbourne Show and The Talk.

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As you can guess, her career has been a success, but if I’m completely honest, I think this is all really irrelevant to why I find her inspiring.

She is an extremely controversial person, that’s no lie and there are countless reasons as to why she should almost be described as uninspiring. For example, the decade (ish) fuelled drug and alcohol binge that was present in the early stages of her marriage to Ozzy. Her feisty attitude could be deemed rude and at times malicious. The fact that she and Ozzy physically fight and on one occasion he tried to strangle her to death and yet she stayed married to him. Domestic violence is something I feel very strongly about and drugs and alcohol cannot excuse these behaviours.

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However, one motto I have started to live by is that you can never truly judge someone until you have walked in his or her shoes. We are all guilty of sometimes being a little of passing judgements but when doing so you are an outsider looking in…it’s not a true perspective.

The sole reason she is a heroine of mine is being of the way she passes through life. She was almost murdered by her husband, her son has MS, and she has battled cancer back in the early 2000’s yet she is still one of the most comical women on television.

She is always laughing, and always making me laugh and in my books that’s a gold star. Obviously I’m sure she has her moments in private where she loses it but to me she seems to be a natural fighter, a survivor and that’s enough to qualify for this feature.

The point I’m trying to make here is that there is no poster child for inspiration. It comes in all shapes and sizes and some of you make think that Sharon Osbourne is a horrific role model to young women but you see that inspiration and role models aren’t necessarily the same. Inspiration is where you can pick and choose qualities in people or even places that fire something inside of yourself and can combine with your own brilliant qualities in the make up of who you are as a person. Role models, I believe, are quite different I feel like they are someone to look up to and follow in the footsteps of. Now, if I had a kid I would be devastated if they followed in the footsteps of a drug and alcohol binger, however, who wants to live life in the footsteps of another?

Make your own footprints, choose your own path. Sometimes it may overlap in other sets of footprints, but the destination is different. Takes bits and pieces from the lives of others but ultimately follow your own heart.

Laughing is my favourite thing to do so watch this video of Sharon Osbourne from The X Factor it’s absolutely hysterical!

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About the Writer: Melody has just finished a degree in Journalism, Film and Media with a 2:1. She aspires to work with vulnerable women and children subject to domestic, and or other forms of abuse. She is an animal lover and has a small obsession with Fearne Cotton. She is a constant joker and can be found on Twitter.


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