Inspiration: WWYD?

7 Sep

People are awful.

Not the best start to an inspiration post, but it’s relevant and sadly, very true.

I had no idea what What Would You Do? was until a few months ago, when a scenario from it popped up on tumblr. It was in two parts; the first was a mother shopping with her son for a Hallowe’en costume. He wanted to be a princess (Belle) but his mother was against it and other eavesdropping mums nearby tried to talk him out of it, saying that princesses were for girls and why didn’t he want to be Spiderman? The second is the same, but substitute ‘boy’ for ‘girl’ and ‘princess’ for ‘Spiderman’.

From what they chose to show, only two people were encouraging the children to dress how they wanted to. A woman and her friend had no problem with the young girl wanting to be Spiderman, telling the girl’s mother why she should let her daughter make her own choice.

Society has deemed it acceptable for girls and women to dress more masculine, so why not the other way round? Why are we not OK with seeing boys and men in skirts or dresses?

There are a whole host of WWYD? videos on YouTube, challenging the general public on race, homosexuality, religion, child abuse and sexual harassment. In every show, they show that the human race isn’t all that bad with heroes and heroines coming out in support of the little guy. There are of course, those who don’t and just go about the own business as usual, but let’s not focus on that.

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