Ask Us Anything!

4 Sep

“I’ve just come out to my friends which was fine, it’s not big deal and they’re all happy for me as I’ve recently starting dating a wonderful girl, but one of my friends keeps asking how me and my girlfriend have sex! I keep telling her to stop asking and leave my sex life alone but she keeps going on about it and it’s really frustrating me! How can I tell her to stop?”

Ohhh Gawd! I wish I had an AA Yellow Bunting radio show so I could ask you more questions because, yet again, this is a tricky one. Who has the issue here I wonder? Your friend being a nosy, rude brat or you being uncomfortable explaining the basics of f-to-f sexuality.

To be honest, your “friend” sounds like a brat, if you don’t mind me saying – if she’s asking you in a way that disrespectful, intrusive or unkind.

However! She may also be totally clueless, sweetly interested and perhaps a little femme curious! Either way! You need to sit her down and spell it out.

If she’s literally so sheltered or naive/cock-fixated, perhaps she just needs a little education and wants to ask a few frank questions of her new go-to-lesbian. If she is being rude and cruel/cock-blind you need to serve her the T. Your life and sex life are none of her business unless she can approach them both with respect and love and you in turn give her access, either way, that needs to be crystal clear ASAP or, and make this clear, your friendship will suffer long term.

Congrats on coming out! Bravo! Loads of love and light to youuu xxx


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