What’s in a name?

30 Aug

As I sat minding my own business on Facebook, a friend of mine posted this video. What I watched next appalled me.

Disgusting thoughts and opinions from Katie Hopkins flooded out onto my screen. For those who do not know who Katie Hopkins, she is best known for her 2007 appearance on TV reality programme The Apprentice, in which contestants compete for a £100,000-a-year job working for British businessman Alan Sugar.

Many of you may have already seen this viral clip where Katie appeared on a TV show here in the UK called ‘This Morning’. The topic was about children names where Katie said she used children’s names as a shortcut to working out their social class and wouldn’t allow her children to play with Tylers or Chardonnays because she knew that they would be bad influence on her own children. Other names she picked out were Charmaine, Tyronne and anything geographical. She obviously briefly forgot that one when she named her own daughter India. Her other children are called Poppy and Maximilian.

Anna May, who actually has a brain and the knack for sarcastic humour, made my day when she put Katie in her place by stating that maybe someone of her character and class should have used the Latin version of Poppy and not the common one. From that comment more catty remarks were thrown back and forth. I also thought Phillip Schofield was going to explode from the rudeness of Katie Hopkins. Holly Willoughby made sure she didn’t back down with her own thoughts and views which lead Katie to say because Holly is a beautiful women her children must be as well and would be fine to mingle with her own.

I have to admit I do judge people on how they behave; and on their mannerisms and looks but doesn’t everyone? I wonder does anyone actually judge people on their name. How can you judge a child on the name they were given without consent as an infant?

I would love to know what anyone else thinks of Katie Hopkins ideals. Would you judge a child or person based on their name?


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