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7 Aug
“I have a small group of friends all of whom are going on holiday without me as I couldn’t afford to go this year. I didn’t think it would bother me but as their leaving date gets closer, I’m starting to feel a bit jealous and left out. Is there any way you can help the green eyes monster inside me?”

Awww babes! That’s too bad but sometimes, most times, just a small shift in attitude makes everything brighter. Be happy for your friends! Get excited for them and with them! Like all their pictures on FB and listen to the same “And then…!” stories over and over with genuine sweetness in your spirit. The message you’re sending to yourself is not only the sadness of not being able to go this time but an affirmation that you won’t ever go and that’s not the future you want SO be happy, genuinely, for your friends and remind that little green monster that your trip is coming, you’ll go on many holidays and life is sweeter when it’s lighter.

AND throw yourself a little solo soirée or invite different group of friends and make the dinner/the party a getaway theme! Or themed to the trip you’re craving! Have fun! And enjoy yourself and your space or these other friends you’re overdue to catch up with. Go easy on you, you’re working hard and your holiday will come. Believe it! Love and Light xxx
Love and Light
About the Agony Aunt: Rubyyy Jones is a performer, writer and muse; originally from Canada, she moved to London to find the sexier side of life! Rubyyy is no expert but she’s listening, learning and loving her way towards wisdom and peaceful power.

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