Spišský Hrad

31 Jul


Just around the corner from my home city, there is one of the biggest castles in Central Europe. We came here often on family trips. I was always pretending to be a princess. Slowly and gracefully, I would descend the spiral staircase as if from my room in the tower, wearing a lovely dress. I saw myself entering a huge dining room where the feast had been holding a place. Fires, candles, the dogs lying in front of the fireplaces, jumping up as soon as I entered, happy to see me. The musicians playing, people dancing. I could have been a knight as well, but I chose to be a princess.


The castle has been lying in ruins since the fire in the late 18th Century but it is still lovely to walk up there, have a look around, contemplate what the life must have been like during its famous period.


After the visit to the castle you can walk to the Chapter of Spiš (Spišská Kapitula) to breath in the atmosphere of ecclesiastic town.




St Martin’s Cathedral

If you would like to try Slovakian specialities in a lovely rustic place, definitely try the restaurant Spišský salaš.

PS: Read ‘š’ as ‘sh’ and ‘á’, ‘ý’ prolonged.

About the Writer: Zdena comes from Slovakia but has made Wales her second home, that is when she is not travelling, which she can’t live without. Two important things in her life are books and Scrabble and she also loves world cinema.


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