Ask Us Anything!

12 Jul

“I’m in a long term relationship [we’ve been dating for 5 years] and recently me and my partner have got into a rather boring routine that involves not a lot of sex and rarely going out together. How do we get out of this rut?”

Rubyyy says: Hello Darling! It’s natural for relationships to have ebbs and flows of passion and fun, and I think it’s great that you care and that you wanna revitalize things; show me true passion and devotion for your partner and your relationship.

I would suggest, instead of having a discussion, make some plans, take life by the reins, do something you’ve always wanted to and invite your partner a long. Sometimes it just takes getting back into the swing of things.

When it comes to the sex, mix that up to but also deep your intimacy and eroticism. Make time specifically to explore and discover sensual and sexual sensations and scenarios.

You’ve said the word “lazy” and to me that is a lazy excuse! Ha! This your life! Your partner! Your partnership! Invest in it, explore it, don’t waste the friendship and life youve built together! Enrich it and fly free in sexy, super fun love :)))


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