Apillable or not?

10 Jul

It seems to be fact that more young people are on antidepressants than our older generations were. But is this because we genuinely need them, and if so, why is our need greater than that of our elders? Or is it that doctors are just more willing to prescribe tablets to patients, making our generation a more dependent one on drugs?

Tablets actually help. That is a fact, otherwise there would be no need for them. They simply would not be prescribed. Whether or not doctors are more willing to hand them out does not matter in a way.

We have to ask ourselves why so many should be healthy young people are in a position to have to visit their doctor and therefore be prescribed medication. I myself was put on antidepressants after a serious illness took hold of me. If I’m honest, I needed them. That was a couple of years ago and since I have requested to come off of them but was told to wait until a stress-free time. I have now only in the last couple of months been able to stop taking them. My doctors were, in my opinion, sensible in keeping me on them until I was ready to come off them by having a ready lifestyle.

Yes, more young people are taking antidepressants but is that because life is becoming more difficult and stressful than past times or is it that people are just finding it harder to cope? Why is this however? In previous generations there were world wars etc. Was there not a need then? The answer is no. There is always a need, people always have problems and issues but not everyone chooses to take medication for them. However, psychological illnesses weren’t always diagnosed back then, for example: many soldiers suffering from shell shock in WW1 were fact suffering from PTSD, though many were accused of cowardice and shot. Does this then mean that there were a lot more depressed people that just weren’t diagnosed?

I saw on television a story about a girl who had visited her GPs on a totally irrelevant matter and was put on antidepressants. Yes in this case I believe the doctor was too easy in giving the girl the tablets as a solution but we do not know the finer details of the appointment. The girl may have in fact had underlying issues in which she needed to be put on the medication for.

Why is this in fact an issue? In this day and age, science has progressed leaps and bounds for these very reasons. Why not take advantage of what is already there for us? Why is there an issues if it helps someone’s problem?

In conclusion, in my own personal view, yes everyone has problems, some people’s are big and some are small but if a solution is there, why should the people who find it harder to cope, not have them in order to make their lives easier?


About the Writer: Becky has just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing and is very happy with her 2:1. She is friendly, bubbly and just so happens to be the co-creator of Yellow Bunting. She hopes you enjoy it and that you get involved!


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