Life Lessons From The X Files

8 Jul

I love the X Files [but I still don’t know how I feel about this]. It’s funny, weird and intelligent with strong characters and some truly absurd storylines; in all honesty that’s what I want from a TV show. What could be better than a sceptic and a believer, roaming the country investigating the unexplained and bizarre against a backdrop of shoulder pads, court shoes and government conspiracy? It’s a thing of beauty and has taught me many things, some useful, some not and some of which I’m going to share with you today.


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  • Fuck authority. Think about it: Mulder ignores pretty much every order he’s ever given and there are times when he makes up his own assignments. He also peer pressures Scully into doing the same and- OH MY GOD Mulder’s a bully.
  • Science is cool. ‘Nuff said.
  • The truth is out there. Somewhere in the deepest darkest depths of the US government is the answer to everything you’ve ever wondered about ever.
  • What’s that saying – a good friend will bail you out of jail but your best friend will be in there with you. Let it never be said that Mulder and Scully never do things by halves: a good friend will help you move but your best friend/soul mate/the one everyone wants you to end up sleeping with will help you move a body.
  • Cabin fever sucks. Be rational while everyone else is hysterical, stick by your partner and don’t let strangers and their lies come between you.
  • Don’t continue to change the story about how your sister got abducted by aliens. Then even less people will believe you.
  • Always have something witty to say about the situation, you never know when people will need a dry one liner to break the tension.
  • If something seems too good to by true, it probably is. A brand new partner who believes you and respects your work? Seems legit!
  • Suspect everyone. EVERYONE. You never know who could be an alien bounty hunter.
  • Study all evidence before drawing any conclusions. Form a solid argument; admit when it doesn’t account for something and then go tear your opponent a new one. Failing that, think of the most ludicrous theory you can come up with, back it up with ‘studies’ and act surprised when people think you’re spooky.

Bonus lesson:

  • Keep a torch on you all at times. Preferably one powered by a car battery.

About the Writer: Daisy is an irregular photographer, wannabe writer and full time female. In between tea and toast breaks she spends far too much time on the internetbloggingtumbling and tweeting. She is unapologetic in her love of the Spice Girls.


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