Don’t call me a consumer

5 Jun

I was unemployed for a few months. Coming back from my big trip, full of ideas and enthusiasm, I was enjoying freedom for a while but then, feeling like a waste of space every time someone didn’t bother to answer to my plea for employment, I felt more and more into frustration. The low picture of self is good only for self-loathing, which is, as you can imagine, very unproductive. So instead of doing something worthwhile, I end up watching a TV programme that I used to like. I borrowed all 8 series from a friend of mine and fed myself morning, lunch and afternoon. As it is, it was an interesting experiment. Before I would see only a random episode here and there, just like homeopathy, but being overdosed, I’ll tell you what happened.


First two series I was so taken by beautiful people on the screen that I wanted to be like them. I kept thinking a lot about my hair and creating new outfits. Then I decided I needed some accessories. How could I live until now without a belt or hairpins or little scarf thingy? I didn’t get as far as doing my make-up because 66 episodes later my point of view changed. I realised what the show was doing to me. I was being brainwashed into being a consumer! Me, who lived in the campervan for a year, basically in one T-shirt and one pair of shorts! The same person who had in mind creating a masterpiece was suddenly turned into a self-obsessive person standing in front of the mirror and searching the Net for inspiration on how to look good. Ouch.

I think that all the time dedicated to improve the appearance takes away the valuable time that seems to be vanishing with each breath. Where does it go, I don’t know, suddenly I have wrinkles and grey hairs but I still remember how impatiently, at the age of 13, I was waiting to turn to be an adult. One blink, and my age more than doubled. One more blink, and I am dead. So, definitely, I need to prioritise. Will I create that masterpiece people will remember me by in 200 years or should I make a masterpiece of myself and enjoy the odes on me now?


That is one question sorted. They say the beauty comes from within but they still sell us thousands of beauty products for I don’t know what. I am not going to spend my valuable free time wandering the aisles of Boots to find out how far from ‘perfection’ I am.  I wash my hair regularly, I have a shower every day, I clean and cut my nails, I use a deodorant and perfume, sometimes even make-up. I feel comfortable in my body. Nobody can ever guess my age. What else can I want? I may be spending all my money on the clothes and cosmetics (which, it seems, doesn’t really work because the women who overuse them look older than they really are) or I can save up for the next looooong trip somewhere out there. I think I know what I’m choosing.


About the Writer: Zdena comes from Slovakia but has made Wales her second home, that is when she is not travelling, which she can’t live without. Two important things in her life are books and Scrabble and she also loves world cinema.


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