Ask Us Anything!

1 Jun

“I’m having some body issues. I’m naturally very skinny and while I’m fine with what I look like most of the time, some people I know keep declaring that only ‘real women’ have curves. Occasionally it does get me down, however I’m pretty sure that I’m real but can’t seem to get them to see things from my point of view.”

Rubyyy says: Hey babes! Great question! Yeahhh this is a silly one isn’t it, even if you were 80% plastic, you’d still be a ‘real woman’ – even if you have a penis you’re a ‘real woman’ if that;s how you identify in your spirit 🙂

Well, I think this is a great time for you to pick up a pen and paper and expand your reasoning, which is totally true and fair by the way. Expanding your thoughts, reinforcing your point of view, this will help you to feel more confident when you do have to serve somebody the T (truth) and also, you’re more likely to be less effected by their insensitivity… As my guru, Louise Hay, says: if someone called you a “purple pig” over and over, you wouldn’t listen to them – why listen when they say you’re fat, dumb or whatever… Not verbatim Louise Hay there! *wink*

I hate this conversation sometimes and that’s because I believe it is another level, another way of distracting women and the female conversation, diverting it to something essentially limiting and meaningless. A real woman is a real woman is a real woman, no matter her size, if she is a woman in her heart.

Love and light darling


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