THE Meet Up

8 May

On the 20th April 2013, Yellow Bunting (that’s us!) held their first writers get together in the historic town of Bath.

The morning of the 20th consisted of rushing around to get ready (and in my case applying masses of make-up) and getting to the train station. At the Reading end of the trip we had to deal with the newly constructed Reading station which Daisy and I had never been in before!

We reached the station and the platform with plenty of time to spare and were soon on our way. Daisy treated me to A Cup Of Brown Joy the song she thought we should celebrate reaching 100 likes on Facebook as we sped through the sunny countryside, out of Reading towards Bath.

After a rather uneventful train journey, where I admitted to worrying about getting along with anyone apart from Daisy, we reached Bath and were the first to do so. I think we had about half an hour to wait before we were joined by Becky and Melody, who had come in on the train from Cardiff.

After initial introductions and conformation that we had about an hour to wait for Zdena to arrive, we decided that we should do something while we waited. After consulting a handy tourist map outside the station, we headed away from the station for a riverside walk.  While we wandered and talked along the riverside path for a bit, I got to know Melody a bit better, at the same time as taking on the role of the annoying photographer.

It was nice to be able to keep up the conversation after my initial worries that I wouldn’t be able to and as the day wore on I was certainly felt at home with my new friends. During our walk we passed a cannel boat full of pirates (they appeared to just be people in costume… or were they? Hmm…) and scrambled up the steep bank to the park benched on the grass verge by the road. We must have sat there for at least thirty minutes, chatting and snacking on vegetarian Percy Pig sweets, curtsey of Becky.

I can’t quite remember what we talked about, Vegetarian Percy Pigs certainly came into the conversation, school, partners, work, and I think bras were mentioned. It was certainly a mired of topics of conversation! I must say it was probably about the first proper day of sunshine we had had since the pitiful summer last year and even though the breeze was a little chilly, it was lovely to be outside and in the sunshine without needing to be wrapped up in layers and layers of warm clothes.

Keeping an eye on the time to make sure we were back at the station to meet Zdena, we strolled back just before half past 12 and started discussing where we all fancied going to  lunch more keenly. The hot favourite was Nandos, so when Zdena arrived and we all agreed, we wandered along to the Nando’s  and eventually got to eat.

Over lunch we ate, chatted and were presented with some smashing Yellow Bunting Business cards- which was insanely awesome. It was nice just to kick back and natter over food.

After lunch we went for a walk up through Bath’s high street, heading towards the Royal Crescent. At one point, by the first of many buskers we saw, I stopped to take a picture of a polite pavement. What? It had “Thank You” engraved into it.


Polite pavement.

We kept walking and conversing, wandering through the streets of Bath towards the Royal Crescent, stopping briefly in a magnificent circle of Georgian houses known as the Circus. A short walk and a few distractions later- we checked the prices of housing in Bath and pretended that we had money to burn, and ducked into a lovely little boutique shop which sold a treasure trove of goodies- we arrived at the crowded  Royal Crescent and sat down on the (slightly) damp grass.

Time just seemed to fly by that afternoon. I suppose that is what good company and good weather can do for you.

All too soon it was time for our last port of call was the delightful Tea House Emporium. Gosh it was awesome! The street level floor was a small teashop where you could buy almost anything related to tea, such as a regular breakfast tea, Ceylon tea and pomegranate tea. Downstairs in the cellar was the tearoom. It was eerily brilliant down there: all the artificial lighting added to the atmosphere with some very pretty Arabic style lamps on the walls and ceiling.

It was grand because people came over and asked you what kind of tea you wanted and it was brought to you in proper teapots, with a timer to let the tea brew thoroughly for three minutes.  It was quite something and I would love to go back!


After tea, it was unfortunately time to part company with Becky, Melody and Zdena heading back to Cardiff while Daisy and I headed in the opposite direction back home to Reading. We didn’t stop chatting until we parted ways at the station.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I had a brilliant day, and made some new friends. I found out that there are many like-minded people out there- it certainly helped that we all write for the same magazine.

I think this successful meeting day will be the first of many. Three cheers for Yellow Bunting!


About the Writer: Stef is a 22 year old graduate who has a lifelong obsession with books and reading who also loves music and live theatre. You’re most likely to find her in a book shop or out in London standing at a theatre stage door. She can be found on twitter and running The World of Blyton.


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