Ask Us Anything!

4 May

“I don’t mean this in a bitchy way, but my friend doesn’t seem to know what deodorant is! She’s a lovely girl but the smell of B.O. is quite strong. How do I bring this up in conversation?”

Rubyyy says: Hi Darling! Gosh I’m a little bit stumped! I’ve noticed in the past with friends but usually it was a phase or a particular event that makes them a little more heady and I’ve always just accepted that as them. So, you’re friends and friends have each others back through thick and thin… And stinky! Few people are smellier than drag queens! And in my experience they’re the fiercest, thruthiest of friends too: serving each other “The T” – the truth! Even when it’s not totally glamorous!

Have a sit down with your friend and make sure she knows how much you love her and appreciate all the times she has been generous and wonderful to you! Maybe even have a spa night! Buy her a little gift basket of a lovely range, eco friendly things and do or do not include some kind of deodorant. Let her know you’ve noticed sometimes that her scent is a bit strong and though you don’t really mind, you’re concerned that won’t be the case with everyone and you’d rather her hear it from a friend and not someone who could be unkind about it!

Bect of luck! Love and light




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