Wool House

3 May

For any textile enthusiast the Wool House at the Somerset House, London was a must see; running from the 13th – 24th of March. A very big amazing factor was that it was FREE! The exhibition had some of the textile industries top artist and designers under one roof. Now saying all this, the exhibition could have been a lot better. Each room felt more like a show room house than a gallery even though it was funded by ‘The campaign for wool’ (a really good cause and idea!!)

Now my favourite piece was the life size grizzly bear, completely crochet, apart from the claws, eyes, nose and mouth.


Crochetdermy brown bear by Shauna Richardson

I want to turn a lot of logs into knitted trees and bushes. A very quirky and sustainable idea especially if re-using yarns. Hmm Also a grand idea for a knit bomb…

Not sure if these are made from metal or wood but rather cute, life sized sheep and lamb.




A lovely idea to brighten up a child’s room, in fact I think I need one, TO THE KNITTING MACHINE!


Jumper chair? At least you wouldn’t lose the remotes now that your living room furniture comes with pockets.


These pictures where hand weaved and I managed to watch the process of one of them being made. So clever, now seriously hate my work- look how good they are!


One day I am going to buy a spinner and spin my own yarns, it is the way forward.

I think more exhibitions should have this openness of artists/ designers and the public. As a fellow student and designer/artist – I feel that this really helps you understand how things are made. Especially when watching the pictures being made, such detail of colour choices and the type of yarns used was actually rather inspirational. Even my fine art friend got a little bit excited about yarn ( I mean come on who wouldn’t :D)

The next exhibition I went too was the light show at the Hayward Gallery, London. This exhibition was running from 30th January – 28th April and I had seen that it had being getting some good reviews.

Now I love art as any one, art and fashion are basically the same thing- fashion is a branch from art and art the same from fashion etc., but some of the stuff in there was rubbish.

A light bulb hanging in a room…a light bulb…yeah.

There were some I enjoyed:

Leo Villareal cylinder 2 (2012) –  19,600 led lights, programed to created intricate patterns – very pretty to view.

Anthony Mccall you and I, horizontal (2005) – We got rather distracted by the light and mist in the room, and didn’t see what was being projected on the wall. But It did have an odd impact as you walked through the light beams, your shadow being thrown around you.

Jim Campbell exploded views – when walking pass these lights your shadow came up on the tiny light bulbs, really want these.

Conrad Shawcross – A simple hatched box with a moving light inside, the shadows reflected on the walls created the motion of moving up and down, just as if you were in an elevator.

Ivan Nanarro – a telephone box like shaped box. Once inside, you notice that you cannot see outside and that when looking up or down you could not find the end of the mirrors. Very clever, you felt as if you were in fact levitating.

Olafur Eliasson – water was spurting from a table, with strobe lights above creating the effect of the water moving in slow motion. I love strobe lights. My friend and I had to control our inner child from running over and splashing the water about, and from doing the robot in the strobe light.

A down side to this art is that…IT IS EVERYWHERE. Top shop has it all over its stores, boohoo.com has it all over its fashion adds…when I walked down oxford circus nearly every clothes store had over-sized lights dangling within its window display. Urgh can we not have something original for once world? Or is that now just too obvious?

About the writer: Kera-anne is currently in her final year at London College of Fashion studying Surface Textiles specialising in Knitwear who loves nothing more than baking, writing and playing the occasional Nintendo game. She wants to give something new to future artists who are yet to taste the confusing fruit that is the fashion industry! When working on a project she tends to go for the darker viewpoints as the work always leans toward the obscurer side of art.


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