Top TV Show theme tunes

1 May

Cross posted to Sarah’s blog.

I’m going to be honest here; I usually fast forward through the credits (and the adverts and if I’m watching Glee, the musical numbers) however I do have my fair share of favourite TV show theme tunes that I’m going to share with you today:

LOST (ABC, 2004-2010)

An exercise in simplicity that also comes off as disconcerting. If only the finale had measured up. It’s also nice and short.

Veronica Mars (UPN/CW, 2004-2007)

I have been quiet about my Veronica Mars obsession but there is no denying the awesomeness that is “We Used To Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols. A more subdued (re: rubbish) version was used in the third series but I’m featuring the original here.

Twin Peaks (ABC, 1990-1991)

A beautiful, melodious soundtrack played over images of the titular sleepy town,  its factories and mills, lush forests and rivers. Completely at odds with David Lynch’s portrayal of a small town rife with sexual depravity, murder and intrigue, incest, ultra violence, amnesia and demons running loose.

Jonathan Creek (BBC 1998-present)

A reworking of “Danse Macabre” with a creepy, gothic air. It is also very, very catchy – the hallmark of a good theme tune.

Justified (FX, 2010-present)

Rap and country music are probably the two things in the world I know the least about but Justified appeals to that tiny part of me that still wants to be a sherriff in the wild west. A modern western with a suitably bleak outlook and a lot of black humor, the gritty opening (I could only find the song not the visuals L sorry) is evocative of the tone and setting.

Doctor Who (BBC 1963-present)

The theme tune has had many variations in the show’s fifty-year history but the same basic idea had been stuck with throughout. Everyso often the ‘effects’ would be updated with whatever new tech the Beeb could get it’s hands on leading to some pretty psychedelic sequences and rather more face melting than should be expected from a family show.

About the writer: Sarah is a filmmaker and writer with an obsession for luscious visuals and a distain for tomatoes (they are a sneaky and untrustworthy foodstuff). If she’s not blogging or tweeting, she’ll be watching films or running around with her video camera.


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