Ask Us Anything!

20 Apr

“Am I too young to start internet dating? I’m 19 and all the guys I know or meet just aren’t my type”

Rubyyy says: Heyyy there! Thanks for the question!

I say: why not?!

Make a beautiful and honest profile, ignore jerks, maybe check out a dating site for teens or college kids so that the people you are meeting are more likely to have things in common with you. Get to know people over messaging first but take a few chances, have some fun, meet some nice people and learn about yourself!
I also say: Be careful!
Meet in the day! Have lunch, coffee or cake. Make the first date breezy! Love is not worth rushing and a first date in the online meeting sense is kind of a preview date, rather than a first date.
Maybe set up a few points in the date where you promise to check in with a friend. When you’ve arrived at your destination, met the person and it’s cool and then at intervals: either set times, after set number of hours or check marking date plans…
Have a friend come and meet them with you. Now I know what you’re thinking and let me just say… any person who would have a problem with this is an asshole. Plain and simple.
Anyone worth dating would want you to feel safe and comfortable so do whatever combination of these things AND follow your gut! Listen to those little voices and intuitions that may pop up!
Enjoy yourself! Discover yourself! And perhaps, as a bonus, you’ll discover a new lovely friend too!
Love and Light

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