Work for life or life for work?

3 Apr

Work. Its seems to be my life at the moment. Work. Work. Work. Day off? Catch up on everything else I have to do. Then work. Work. Work. Once again. My mum always used to say she would love a day off. I thought you have a day off? I didn’t get it. So my question is, is this what being an adult means? Do we work to live to work? Is there actually any point working so much when we have no spare time to live with the money we earn? Especially when all of that money then gets sent off for bills and tax? Is there any actual point? What’s the point in earning so much money if it is just going to be taken off you? But it helps to live, it pays for the electricity, gas, water in your home, enabling you to live. My problem is that with the amount of work I do at the moment, it seems pointless sometimes, however when I’m going out and socialising, I love having money! …Although a lot of the time I don’t actually have the money because I’ve had to pay loads of bills. I pay £100 a month for petrol to and from work, not much you might say but what is the point in spending that much travelling for work when I may as well work less days and therefore not as much petrol needed?

Tax. This frustrates me. I understand we need it for our economy to work, however when there are so many companies and celebrities avoiding it, doesn’t it make the small man (or woman) feel a tad stupid? Recently I kept managing to finish early from my shifts, I was therefore worrying about my pay packet. When I received it however, it was a tidy sum. However last month, I worked many more hours but didn’t have much more of an increase from the month before’s pay. Why is this? Because the more I work, the more tax and insurance they take off me. While this then is unfair, it is very fair when you think that the people who earn more money should then be charged more tax.

So aside than a rant and taking a look at tax payouts, this article is also about afternoon shifts! I work most days from 2-10. Most probably think it’s easy starting work at 2 in the afternoon, however when everyone else is going home for their tea and able to socialise. I am stuck in work until 10. When I get in, I normally have errands to do or go on Facebook for a bit, by the time that is done, its normally 12/1’o’clock. I then get up the next day, get ready for work, go to work, stay there until 10 and come home, this schedule is resumed most days. I don’t really get to socialise because people normally meet in the days or the evenings when I am in work and I don’t eat properly because while I have something small to eat before work, my tea which would normally be a bigger meal, I am unable to a) make it in work with our appliances and b)don’t have enough time to with only a half hour break. There would also not be enough storage facilities, as well as taking time out of either your work or break to stick labels on the items to put in the fridge. Also just a quick note, 2-10 is also a lot of the day too (and I do a normal 8 hour shift).

So let me know what you think! Would you prefer to work evenings or are you quite happy doing days? Please debate with me as I am more than happy to discuss anything said in my article!


About the Writer: Becky has just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing and is very happy with her 2:1. She is friendly, bubbly and just so happens to be the co-creator of Yellow Bunting. She hopes you enjoy it and that you get involved!


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