Taylor who?

27 Mar

Taylor Swift.

How do we all feel about her? I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or offend any hardcore “swifties” out there but for the life of me I cannot stand her.

Every time I see her on TV or hear her “songs” on the radio I want to scream. Seriously though when is she ever going to release a song that isn’t about some fleeting two week romance with another squeaky clean teen idol dude?! Even her newest song about feeling 22 which isn’t specifically about love actually has the line “…making fun of our ex’s…fall in love with strangers”

Sweetheart, don’t you have anything better to do with your time than organise your life around your next breakup song?

Listening to mainstream radio on a daily basis in work means that my distaste for her music and her really ‘original’ lyrics just keep on growing every day! You all must think it’s jealously over her money fame and slim physique which, don’t get me wrong I would love that kind of money but then you could say that about the likes of Beyonce with whom I actually like.

So, initially this entry became sort of a general rant about Taylor Swift, but as I began to write I realised the issue was a lot deeper than just a superficial dislike. You see, I have explained about her association with countless baby faced boys of the western world, and I just don’t see how this is any kind of a role model for girls? To revolve your life around where your next relationship begins is not the kind of lifestyle you should be passing onto future generations.


Women are an independent sex and whether you are gay, straight or bisexual you should be able to survive alone before you can survive in a couple.  I’m not talking about all females in a couple because I am in a relationship but the reason why it works is because we can survive without each other and that’s the kind of morals we should be passing down.

Along with Miss Swift, there are plenty of women in the limelight who also follow this example. Unfortunately these are the times. Let us take a trip down memory lane, back to a time where women were a repressed sex, a time where the opportunity for important female figures to survive was rare. Yet, this was a time that held great positivity for the creation of historical women.

The woman I want to talk about here is a lady called Irena Sendler. I bet that most of those reading this thought “sorry who?” My point exactly, women like this don’t receive enough credit for the good they have done in their life. Let me tell you about Irena Sendler…


Irena Sendler was a Polish native working as a social worker when World War II broke out. After the German invasion of Poland, Nazi’s began sending Jews into what was called a ghetto. They lived in horrific conditions and disease quickly spread, so Nazi’s decided to allow the entry of social workers into the ghetto to provide medicine and to stop the disease spreading outside. Irena and 10 of her colleagues (9 of which were women) took this underground access as an opportunity to smuggle Jewish infants into the safety of childless families and temporary foster homes. Before being discovered by the Gestapo she managed to rescue 2,500 children and placed them into safe houses. After being found out she spent three months being tortured at the hands of the Gestapo and during this ordeal she revealed no information. On the morning of her scheduled execution she bravely managed to escape captivity and then following on from the end of the war she spent years in hiding, trying to reunite the Jewish children she saved with their parents.

Take a minute to register her actions and then take another minute thinking how you knew exactly who Taylor Swift was but had probably never even heard of Irena Sendler…

Sendler won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. That’s 64 years after the rescue of those children. That’s 64 years of waiting to be recognised for her actions…

Taylor Swift probably has to wait 64 minutes for a new song to go viral. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

I am not for one second saying you shouldn’t chase your dreams like Taylor has because she is obviously being recognised for her talents and she’s doing very well. However, being recognised for your association with boy after boy is not something to be remembered for. I bet my life that every single Jewish child Sendler rescued remembers her. How is Taylor Swift going to be remembered?

I’ll leave you with that thought.

About the Writer: Melody has just finished a degree in Journalism, Film and Media with a 2:1. She aspires to work with vulnerable women and children subject to domestic, and or other forms of abuse. She is an animal lover and has a small obsession with Fearne Cotton. She is a constant joker and can be found on Twitter.


One Response to “Taylor who?”

  1. fiona 30/03/2013 at 11:43 pm #

    I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift, and I have heard of Irena Sendler, what an amazing woman, and an unsung hero 🙂

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