Inspiration: Paperman

24 Mar

It’s that time again…

Partly inspired by Sarah’s blog post about Pixar shorts and partly due to the fact that I love this film, this edition of Sunday inspiration is Paperman.

Paperman is a sweet tale about how love will ultimately triumph all. Clichéd? Yes. Predictable? Most certainly. Endearing at heart? Without a doubt. It’s the journey that matters and what a wonderful journey it is.

Emotions are conjured and impressively, considering it’s such a short film, we really start to feel for these two: WILL EVER MEET AGAIN?! Can true love ever be stopped? Pixar/Disney shorts have taught us that time isn’t everything, so spend it wisely. By watching this film.

image from here

image from here

Just please don’t see this as a sign to waste your day making paper aeroplanes. Or do- who am I to tell you what to do with your time?!


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