15 Mar

University can be a hard place to live through but what happens when you finish that safe haven? With less and less jobs on the market and a recession going on, it is that more difficult now to find a job, let alone that dream job that you have worked so hard for. Take me for example, I am perfectly happy with my job and extremely grateful that I have one but it’s not what I went to university for and studied for. My colleagues all do the job as well as I do which begs the question, if I wasn’t going to leave university and do a job in that field then what was the point? I may always have that job in the future but for now that remains unknown. In this article, we speak to student Christopher Hoare from the University of Glamorgan in his second year, about his degree and his plans for the future…

BECKY: So Christopher you’re currently in university, what are you studying?

CHRIS: Computer Forensics

BECKY: Do you enjoy it?

CHRIS: Yes it’s nice to be with lots of like minded people and be enthusiastic about things that others aren’t usually interested in

BECKY: Do you think university helps you enter the computer forensics sector and do you think it would be harder to get into without a degree?

CHRIS: Yes because all computer forensics jobs require a degree but not necessarily forensics, any computer related security degree

BECKY: Do you think that going to university for that specific course only leaves with that particular career in mind?

CHRIS: Because technically it’s a computer science degree, you can go into pretty much anything computer related

BECKY: Do you think computers are important in the future?

CHRIS: Yes I think they are because if you look at your phone for example I can set my TV to record, potentially do all of my university work and even set you heating, all from your phone. You can do pretty much anything and its only going to get more advanced

BECKY: You say that you are open to advancing into other computer areas, could someone doing another degree such as programming do the same thing?

CHRIS: Yes they could go into other areas of computing but not computer forensics

BECKY: Why not?

CHRIS: Well they haven’t got the expertise and knowledge gained in the forensics degree

BECKY: So you would definitely say that for your chosen career you would have to have this degree?


BECKY: Can you imagine leaving university and doing something completely different?

CHRIS: I could do bar work as a backup plan and potentially maybe own my own bar

BECKY: Wouldn’t you consider that a waste of your uni career?

CHRIS: Yes it would make going to university completely pointless but its a last resort, such as if there was nothing out there that I could do, I would do because I enjoy it

BECKY: Saying that, do you think university is worthwhile?

CHRIS: For certain things yes, for others no. My past manager hasn’t got a degree but he’s a very successful businessman, he runs his own pub and has been asked to move onto something bigger and better by his boss. He doesn’t have a business management degree, everything he’s learnt he’s learnt himself or been taught by his previous managers, but he hasn’t gone to uni for it

BECKY: If there are meant to be so few jobs on the market at the moment, do you think that there is much point in attending university?

CHRIS: Well yes, like I said before I couldn’t get into computer forensics without a computer degree. A friend from college couldn’t become a lawyer, solicitor or barrister without a law degree.

BECKY: But what would you say to those who have been to university and are currently in a job totally unrelated?

CHRIS: Just keep looking, applying for anything and everything that might possibly lead to something you want to do

BECKY: What if they have applied for so many related jobs yet are comfortable in an unrelated one at the moment?

CHRIS: Try and advance in the job you’re in

BECKY: Even though it’s not related?

CHRIS: If they enjoy it then why not stick with it

BECKY: Even though that’s totally unrelated?

CHRIS: Yeah like I said, if you enjoy it then stick with it and if you can advance in it then carry on as much as you can

BECKY: What about people who have left university and are now on the dole?

CHRIS: Take any job that pays because it’s better than being on the dole

BECKY: But what if they are waiting for that special job?

CHRIS: Well they can wait for that special job while they are waiting for the other. There’s still nothing wrong with being in a job, regardless of the job but its better than being on having none.

BECKY: This has been very interesting and Yellow Bunting has gained some real insights into how some current university goers feel. Thank you for your time and answering my questions

CHRIS: That’s alright, hope that your readers are happy with my answers, look forward to reading more of Yellow Bunting!

So there we have it, take a job that pays but continue to look for that special job! However if you find nothing then there is nothing wrong in progressing with that current job!

About the writer: Becky has just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing and is very happy with her 2:1. She is friendly, bubbly and just so happens to be the co-creator of Yellow Bunting. She hopes you enjoy it and that you get involved!


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