Five Good Things

13 Mar

Back at the beginning of the year I made a resolution to find five little things each week that made me smile, inspired me or that I adored. As with virtually every other resolution I’ve ever made it took all of about three seconds for me to forget about it. I was reminded about it earlier this week and so – better late than never – I decided to have another go.

1. Nostalgic sweets


When I was younger Wonka brand sweets were all the rage. Getting my little hands on a box of Nerds was pretty much the high point of my life back then. And does anyone else remember the purple chocolate bar with green Nerds inside? Amazing. Wikipedia tells me it was called a Wonkalate and the Nerds were snozzberry flavoured. It also tells me that they’ve been discontinued which is just wrong.

When I found Nerds for sale at the weekend I couldn’t resist picking up a box. The small print on the label warned that they may cause hyperactivity in children, surely a good sign?

They tasted horrible, like sugar and chemistry lab. But that’s not really the point is it?

2. Getting in touch with old friends

Another bit of nostalgia. Someone I was once very good friends with and haven’t spoken to in years sent me a facebook message out of the blue. We shot messages back and forth for a few hours before falling back into silence. It might be years before we speak again, it might even be never, but it’s nice to think that even though we aren’t in the same circle anymore, we once were and that still means something.
Also, she called me Cat which is a name I haven’t heard in about five years, I’d half forgotten being that person and it was good to be reminded.

3. This bread

This year I decided to give up bagged sliced bread, miraculously it’s a resolution I’ve actually managed to stick to. It means I’ve been baking a lot of bread and this oatmeal loaf has been one of my favourites. Really easy and really tasty, it goes amazingly with nutella.

(The only change I made was to up the yeast to 4g because 2g seemed really low. I’m glad I did because even with extra yeast the dough was slow to rise.)

4. The days are getting longer

This one doesn’t really need an explanation. It won’t be that long before we can sit out in the garden on an evening, speaking of which…

5. My plans for the garden are starting to take shape


The seeds for my vegetable patch arrived a few days ago. I’ve bought a couple of new fruit trees (peach and plum), a rhubarb crown and a Japanese Wineberry plant (a raspberry-like fruit). I’ve even been out to wage war on the weeds (they won).

It’s my first time growing all my vegetables from seed and I’m both excited and terrified!

About the Writer: Catherine is a biology geek by day and cake baker by night. When she’s not in the kitchen you’ll be able to find her writing, tending to her tomato plant or curled up reading one of her many cookbooks.


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