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9 Mar

“I don’t shave [anywhere] and while my friends are fine with this, one of them does keep making jokes about my hair. She claims it’s all in good fun but it’s been going on for a while now and she won’t stop even though I’ve asked her to quite a few times. What should I do?”

Rubyyy says: Hey Babes! Thanks for your question; sorry to hear your friend is being insensitive; few things sting more

As a drag queen, I’ve run into this, with queens “reading” (teasing with wit) each other and feeling the difference between a read, when we all laugh, including the one being read and a jab, when the intention is to reduce a queen; it’s no fun and it’s not cute!

It’s great you’ve voiced to your friend that you want her to stop, that’s important but I’m going to ask you to ask her again one more time…

This time (not sure how it was before!) I want you to sit her down, just you two, no one else, no alcohol, in a quiet environment so you can express yourself. And when you tell her you want her to stop, you need to emphasize it no longer feels like friends just teasing; that your feelings are being hurt and (if this is true) it is impacting your friendship and that this is the last time you want to have to discuss this as you’ve done your best in the past to communicate this.

Also! Have a conversation with your friend about your hair and your choices, perhaps she is uncomfortable with it and she has questions about it and you 🙂

You love this person as a friend because they have accepted you but when it feels like you aren’t being heard or treated with care, that doesn’t feel like friendship to me.

Approach your friend with love, know in your heart what you need in friendship, lose the blame, express how you feel and make plans to move on as friend’s…

Hope this helps! Sending lots of hairy love! xxx


2 Responses to “Ask Us Anything!”

  1. rubyyyjones 09/03/2013 at 1:14 pm #

    Just to clarify! Reading can be used in a few ways but I’m referring to the level typical within friendships/sisters :))) xxx

  2. rubyyyjones 09/03/2013 at 1:16 pm #

    Just to clarify!
    There are lots of ways and reasons to read but I’m more referring to the typical energy between friends/sisters :))) xxx

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