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23 Feb

“My boyfriend’s best friend keeps hitting on me. I keep laughing it off as as a joke but he’s really starting to creep me out. What should I do? He and my boyfriend are really close and I don’t want to make it awkward”

Becky says: Hi! First of all you need to make sure whether he is joking of not, the ‘bro code’ is very important to men. Whether or not it is a joke however, he has no right to make you feel awkward. If anything he is doing is making you feel uncomfortable then say something to him. Just explain that you are with his best friend and some of his comments are not appropriate.

I would talk to your boyfriend before doing anything however because even if it is a joke, at least you have made him aware of the situation. Make sure to say that it could be a joke, so that he initially doesn’t go and talk to him all angry.

Hope this helps,

Let us know if there’s anything more we can do,


Rubyyy says: Okay darling! I don’t care whether your bf is close with this guy and, frankly, he shouldn’t either if you’re uncomfortable. However, I would speak with your bf so he knows your feelings and I would suggest you both sit down with this friend; not suggesting solo as you already feel uncomfortable about asserting your boundaries and around this person. Stop putting yourself second because you don’t “want to make things awkward”, that’s a possibly dangerous perspective to have and it would be best to give rid of it now in your early years. If the awkwardness stems from not having your bf back you up, well my dear, that’s a whole other kettle of fish that needs gutting! Love and Light xxx


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