I’ll tell you a secret

20 Feb

How old do you need to be to recognise the beauties of your birth place? Or is it a prerogative of tourists? Green grass and so on. Well, I did have to leave for a couple of years and only on return, there was this great night out with friends of mine. We were kicked out of the pub at 3 am in highly elevated mood. The music didn’t stop with the jukebox sent to sleepy bye-byes. I was dancing, hopping around like a bird, when suddenly music in my head went quiet. I was surrounded by divinity which I never felt before. I was spellbound by the sight, by having a privilege to be the part of this place. I love you, Košice! (pronounce Koshitze).


And now the whole Europe is going to learn about its beauties. It has been nominated European Capital of Culture for this year. I’m proud of you, Košice!

If any of you, guys, would love to experience the atmosphere of this (still) very well hidden  treasure in the middle of Europe, I recommend you came in the middle of summer where basically every pub, every restaurant and every café in the Main Street (Hlavná ulica) has got their summer garden out on the pavement and you can sit, eat, drink and just talk or people watch. What I highly recommend for you to try is nakladaný hermelín in Golem, the restaurant off Main Street but easily found. Nakladaný hermelín is cheese marinated in oil and seasoning and eaten with pickled chillies and bread dipped in the oil on your plate. Have their home-brewed beer with it – it is to die for combination.

Košice was the first town in Europe to receive coat of arms, as early as 1369 and it has the most stunning Gothic structure in the world – St Elisabeth Cathedral. I highly recommend State Theatre as well, where you can see a play or a ballet for a very little money. The last time I went to see the ballet Jánošík, which is our equivalent to your Robin Hood and I was moved to tears. Go, enjoy yourselves.

To re-energise, I recommend Park Anička, which is rather in a walking distance from town centre. I love peace and quiet of the trees and slowly flowing river with occasional kayak on it. If you get thirsty, just pop in to Súdky, which is a small pub by the river for a pint of draught Kofola, which is much better (and I am not being biased) version of Coca Cola.

Or how about joining the oldest Marathon in Europe? Just saying…


I could go on but I am really homesick now, I may go to the nearest Slovak food shop for something good. Speak to you later.

About the Writer: Zdena comes from Slovakia but has made Wales her second home, that is when she is not travelling, which she can’t live without. Two important things in her life are books and Scrabble and she also loves world cinema.


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