Ask Us Anything!

9 Feb

“My friend’s birthday is coming up and I don’t have enough money to buy her a nice present. Money’s been kinda tight in my house since my dad had to go part time at his job but I don’t want people thinking I’m a cheapskate. What can I do?!”

Becky says: Money isn’t everything especially when it comes to presents. Do something thoughtful and homemade, this way you don’t look like a cheapskate but also look really thoughtful.

Maybe a photo album with all the year of pictures of you both or a scrapbook consisting of memories and people you both know.

If your friends were real friends then they wouldn’t judge you and I’m sure they would understand.

Love, Becky xxx

Rubyyy says: Awwww You know how they say: its the thought that counts.. well, you know what? It’s the truth and it’s all the more true when you are gift giving! I know there’s pressure to buy but you knowww that any friend who loves you would understand and appreciate even a massive hug and kiss as a gift if it comes with feeling… So here are my cheap/no cost and cheerful suggestions for you:

Make a warm and cosy meal and decorate the food with flowers from your garden or something whimsical to show all the time you have for them…

Make a fabulous mixtape CD and decorate the album cover with favourite pics of you and some clippings from mags/print and include a note on why you chose each song for them…

Write a friendship coupon book! Include things like: Body Crushing Hug, Get Out Of Jail Free (we all have little upsets in friendships), Shopping Escort, Cake Baking Date and So On!

Decoupage a notebook cover with photos that remind you of them or of you two together and include a dedication inside the front cover…

Be Creative! Have Fun!

And let go of the assumption that a made gift is less special than a bought one, I believe the opposite and would much rather have something from the heart, than the shop; those are the gifts I really cherish 🙂

Best of Luck! xxx


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