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12 Jan

“This might sound kinda dumb and like it’s not a big deal but it is to me and I’m struggling over here. I really want to study dance at university, but no one is taking me seriously. How can I convince them that this is what I love and what I want to do?!”

Becky says: First of all if it’s a problem to you then it is never ‘no big deal’. We are here to help and no one should be seen struggling in life.

If you want to study dance, then go for it. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Growing up I have realised that people can say what they want about you but what matters is what you feel, everyone will have ideas and ‘advice’ about what you should do or where your life should go but only you know where your life can take you. Going to university is an amazing achievement in itself and people should be congratulating you on going and doing what you want to do.

Just make sure this life choice is a realistic one. We all want to do what we want but sometimes realistically it doesn’t happen, this doesn’t mean you should stop trying though. Just see what happens.

Rubyyy says: Hi there sweetness 🙂 It doesn’t sound dumb at all, I think some people felt the same when I wanted to continue dance in college! But guess what? I wanted to dance so bad, so I didn’t give a f*** what anyone else thought.

Kid, I wanna tell you something about “the biz” because I’ve been in it a little while… honestly, I’m not jaded but I’ve made the transition to full time artist and you need to believe in yourself. You’re gunna face quite a few bumps finding your perfect place in this industry, you do need a “thick skin”suit you can put on once and awhile and youuu need to be the one you can turn to when you think “I can’t do this…”

This doesn’t mean don’t confide in or turn to your family or become a lone wolf in dance school – in fact, I will expand on the opposite – but I do think it’s important in our industry, in life to be your biggest fan, support and confidant. I have an amazing network of support and love within my work but it has also taken time to cultivate, to find my place and my people.

Saying that, confide in people who believe in you; you and your dreams deserve support and encouragement. Believe that! And then find the family, friends, teachers who you can turn to to support you; being your main support isn’t about being alone or dealing with things all alone but knowing when you need the love and encouragement of those who care for you and giving that to yourself.

Lots of people believed I couldn’t be a dancer because of my skill but also my size. I always knew I was a dancer, knew it and proved it to myself by practicing for hours, by pushing myself in class and, later in my career, by surrounding myself with people who were better than me and learning from them, making long trips to studios late at night in college and developing my own dance language and style.

If you want something, it don’t and won’t matter what anyone says: you’ll be having too much fun to look back 😉

Big Hugs



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