Roadkill or Beauty?

27 Dec

I stumbled upon this article while reading the metro [Thursday 29th November 2012].  Fashion designer/ taxidermist, Jess Eaton has created Road kill Couture. This is something I haven’t seen before and I think everyone should take a gander at it; it was shown at Brighton graduate fashion show this year.


All parts used are road kill – which when looking at a re-use/ recycling way is a good way of not wasting these animals’ skin as fur is still a problem. My favourite is the bird skull necklace/ shoulder piece, I really want one. According to that article in the metro Jess has even used a human rib cage.

From that I had to look at the website [] the website showcases Jess works of art; and other items which look cute to me.  You can buy these items from the site, or have items commissioned for you; they also sell a lot of vintage/antique medical instruments.

rat skull skull n cross bone

These 3 pieces I personally want. [2 above, 1 below.] I know this is all slightly creepy, not to everyone’s taste but all pieces have been re-worked into something wearable for the living to reuse and treasure. They are also completely unique and different which is hard to come by within this postmodern paradox.  The first and second images are hair fascinators; the third image is of Human bones placed onto a silver necklace.vintage human bone necklace

Going back onto the subject of using road kill for fur, feathers etc. I am personally ok with this if found already dead. I find this whole idea of using and reusing bones, skins of animals is fine just like how it is fine to have someone’s kidney to use. It wasn’t until I had a glance the other day on yahoo’s news section I noticed that faux fur is not just sometimes made from cats but also other animals and is actually just fur. This is appalling! The whole point of faux fur is that it is not real but synthetic.

[ ] Here I read that other poor animals are also used in such a way for real fur.

Another article I have read was this one

What’s scary is the source of the real fur. As if the mislabeling of real fur as fake weren’t bad enough, HSUS claims that the majority of real fur is actually raccoon dog, a canine (yes, dog!) species indigenous to Asia, where many American garments are produced. Although the raccoon dog bears a striking resemblance to the raccoon, make no mistake about it: it is in the canine—as in dog—family.’

I now feel rather ill about that piece of faux fur I had on my coat I bought from primark, I have never liked any sort of fur personally, and always take it off. But to now find out it isn’t fake at all but real is rather heart wrenching as I am a HUGE animal lover. I get upset if my dog has a cut or something, could never imagine wearing him.

I feel us and future generations need to stop this fur trade – how should I start? This brings into questions the fibre I use. Are the lambs wool I use been from a well looked after sheep? Are the alpacas, rabbits etc all roaming free? As a future design and hopefully teacher! I need to start thinking where my own items I use for my art comes from. How am I even affecting the environmental around me? How can we make a change? I think that should be where I shall start.

About the writer: Kera-anne is currently in her final year at London College of Fashion studying Surface Textiles specialising in Knitwear who loves nothing more than baking, writing and playing the occasional Nintendo game. She wants to give something new to future artists who are yet to taste the confusing fruit that is the fashion industry! When working on a project she tends to go for the darker viewpoints as the work always leans toward the obscurer side of art.


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