26 Dec

Dear Santa,

How are you? You may be happy to learn that this year I have only one request. Not very modest one, or maybe yes, I don’t know, you decide. I want an e-reader. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of electronic devices, I don’t mind being laughed at for my old-school mobile phone, but I’ve realised one thing – this particular device could make a great difference.

You may have figured out how much I love reading, every year I ask you for some books. When I enter a bookshop I feel so excited, almost aroused, so many books on the bookshelves, I just walk around for a while imagining myself sitting there for hours and hours on my own, touching them,  smelling them, slowly opening one of them and starting reading … Heaven of heavens.

I am going to tell you why I want to make the sacrifice of not holding a book in my hands ever again. I was watching an inspiring documentary about our environment and I started thinking how else I can help the Mother. I do a lot, I think, but there is always a room for improvement. I got into looking how long it takes a tree to grow before it is cut down to be made into paper. All those sheets for our everyday use. All that paper that we love wasting. It’s here, it’s cheap. Wrong. You know how long it takes to a tree to be a correct size? Twenty years! We need seventeen twenty-year-old trees to get a ton of paper! Is it me or is it really too slow too many? I’d rather that paper was used for text books than books for my pleasure. And the oxygen produced by those that don’t need to be cut down will help the little brains who will learn from those text books make this world a better place. Hopefully.

One more thing, Santa. I would be happiest if that present of mine didn’t carry a name of any big corporation. I hope you understand. That’s all. Thank you, Santa, take care, I’ll see you 25th!



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