Our Christmases!

24 Dec

As a treat, we are asking some of our writers and editors some questions about their Christmases, just to help you to get to know them a little more and to get in the Christmas spirit!



My Christmas…

…Favourite seasonal film: Has to be Miracle on 34th Street. Nothing beats that classic! It really is an amazing feel good film with brilliant acting!

…Favourite seasonal music: I’ve always had a guilty pleasure for Walking in the air… What can I say, I love the feel of the music and the operatic style of Aled Jones’ voice. A bitta the Spice Girls or the Pogues can’t go wrong either!

…What you’re hoping Santa will bring you: I’ve asked for a few things such as DVDs etc. but a while back my Ipod broke and while I’ve been borrowing my boyfriend’s, I would like something that can hold quite a few more songs.

…Best thing about Christmas: I feel that it has to be the feeling of family. Not just within your own family but how everyone is looking forward and celebrating the holidays together and I know that Christmas is a religious festivity and I feel that people forget that too much during the season but I do like the idea of everyone celebrating together, no matter what colour, race or nationality you are.

…Worst thing about Christmas: How quickly the day goes! So much effort goes into buying presents, decorations etc. and we have the build up but the day goes so much quicker than one would often like!

…Best/worst cracker jokes you’ve ever heard: I generally cringe when it comes to cracker jokes, I hate reading them out and the attention on me as everyone has an awkward chuckle but I like it within my family when I don’t mind chilling and making a fool of myself every now and then J


Film: Well technically Die Hard is a Christmas film… 😀

Music: Cliff Richard obviously.

What I want: A puppy!

Best thing: This is going to sound so lame but seeing peoples’ faces when they open their presents, generally they’re either ecstatic or terrified.

Worst thing: When Christmas is over 😦

Cracker jokes: Oh god… Worst: why didn’t the skeleton go to the party? Because he had NOBODY TO GO WITH. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a good Christmas cracker joke


It’s Christmas time yay! I love this time of year, not because of the presents (honest), but purely because I have quite a big, and geographically spread out kind of family and it’s hard to get us all in one place and Christmas is where it happens!

I cannot choose one but my two favourite Christmas songs are Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and O Holy Night but dozens of people, my favourite being good ole’ Celine Dion!

My favourite Christmas film is The Family Stone with Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Keaton, because for one it isn’t a cliché and two it’s such a feel good film, but with a hint of a tearjerker at the end. Also, there’s snow, and how can we not love snow. ALTHOUGH, I must point out I have recently been reunited with Home Alone, which is now a close 2nd place!

This year, as my family is rather large, we have decided to take part in Secret Santa. This was much to my happiness as I am SKINT this year, so whoever has me I am hoping for a video camera because I like to make movie slideshows of me and my friends, equipped with a cheeky soundtrack! Oh, and some bits and bobs from the girlfriend!

What I love about Christmas – family time, Christmas films and FOOOOOOOD!!!

What I don’t like about Christmas – the washing up and post holiday season weight gain.

Best Christmas cracker joke – “Have you heard the joke about the broken pencil?” (No) “well there’s no point in telling you!”

Worst Christmas cracker joke – “A man walks into a bar…ouch” -_-


As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I especially love the music and movies of Christmas as it is a real nostalgia fest! Nothing is too cheesy or corny for Christmas and my tolerance for the quality of films I watch is sky high. I’m also a lover of cheesy Christmas songs and the old rock and roll songs from the sixties. Some of them are just so bizarre!


It is that ‘time of year’ again…wooo. Do not miss-understand! I love Christmas as much as anyone else, it is just I feel that this holiday is becoming too money focused; I even nearly had to work on Christmas day. Why do shops no, why do the head of each company feel the need to be open on this day? It is supposed to be a ‘Christian’ day of celebration [ I know also pagan and etc] I feel that since I have been in a job since 16, Christmas has lost its magical-ness to me.

Everyone starts to panic buy, fights will break out over remaining items left in stores, all just for one day. With that like many I guess I will then go to work the following day and pretend to be all merry and bah hum bug. Let’s all go back to being a child again when Christmas actually meant something to us. The decorations didn’t look tacky – they were awesome!  The presents came from the big jolly guy in red which you hoped you would get what you had asked for…unless like me you ask Santa for a Barbie jeep and come that very morning …no jeep which you could sit in yourself and drive – NO…one for the dolls to sit in…Yes mum I’m still annoyed at this, 17years later and counting I am still disappointed in you and Santa!

Apart from my doom and gloom outlook and ramblings of jeeps – I do have a favourite old tune.

http://youtu.be/HwHyuraau4Q  – The Progues and Kirsty McColl – fairytale of New York. This sums up Christmas to me; all the others get so grating after a while were as this song doesn’t.

Along with a tune a typical Christmas film I do not have. I hate all the films around this year. All over the top, orientation of the films are too cheesy. I do like in fact Beauty and the Beast: enchanted Christmas. I only like this film as I am actually a tad obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, and with a Christmas special… yup going to be my favourite xmassy film, well next to nightmare before Christmas.

Does anyone else find those cracker jokes getting worse? Please can we not have something remotely funny?

What is a fish with no I? FSH….NO this is not a joke, its depression worthy. Once I have claimed rights to my victorious win against my brother for who has the cracker part with the toy and crown. I would like a victorious joke… maybe I’m asking too much?

And people – if my mother and Santa would like to set amends I wouldn’t mine one of the following

A CAR!!!!!!  One that I could actually sit in this time…

A Dubied knitting machine or a semi- automatic domestic knitting machine

If either one is feeling right maybe a house


2 Utanogans… soooo cute


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