Does Size Really Matter?

5 Dec

Brace yourself…here goes another empowering female rant from yours truly! This installment surrounds the issue of dress size. I decided to focus on this because it is a personal annoyance of mine because, I REALLY don’t understand how men can just walk up to a pair of jeans and are able to purchase them without trying them on! All they need is the knowledge of their waist size and inside seem and bob’s your uncle, a new pair of jeans to add to their wardrobe containing all jeans of the SAME SIZE.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m sure they encounter many wardrobe problems in other areas, I’m not dismissing that. It’s just for me personally; I am not a one size jean type person. I can go into one shop and to my sheer happiness be a size 12, then in another shop I am mortifyingly a size 18 or something on the other side of the spectrum! This may just be me (it would be typical), however I was ranting to a poor girl in work only to discover she has the same problem. Clothing size seems to be a common misconception, but here’s the bottom line; why does it even matter what size you are?

Imagine having to go up a size in the changing room for a minute. I can hear your thoughts now… “I am so overweight…It must have been that one malteaser I accepted…oh God I’m the biggest here…that woman must think I’m an elephant…I’m going on a diet” and so on.

But, what dress size constitutes as too big and immediately throws you into the pool of supposedly “overweight” women?

The answer to that question is no size. There is no such thing as too big, and S, M, L, XL are far too vague for my understanding. I tried on a size 12 in a shop once and that constituted as L on the label. Since when has that been a large?!

OK, so it may be terrible research on the retailer’s part, but seriously this labelling of clothing size is giving women everywhere, including me, a MASSIVE complex! It is causing embarrassment and shame on personal clothes size.  I am a size 14 and proud to be curvy. It’s taken me a long time to say that without making reference to an elephant. This occurs in women of all sizes, take my housemate for example, she is easily a size 8 and is constantly making reference to weight gain and honestly, I have seen more fat on a chickens lip! It’s saddening really because all of these different sized women have beautiful figures and there isn’t an ounce of pride in any of us!

Before we hang our heads in shame however, let us ponder why so many of us think like this and waste so much time wanting to be anything other than what we are. The blame is simple: the media and our precious society have built us this way. How many “beauty” adverts have you seen that contain women over a size 10 (aside from “plus size” clothing companies)? The answer is a big fat zero…pun absolutely intended! So, how are we expected to feel confident when we have these small women paraded all over our television screens?! I am not for one moment saying these women aren’t beautiful, because they are all stunning but there should be different sized women in these adverts that reflect a true picture of society. Once again the media is promoting a lie. This problem stretches far back into our childhoods and going back to Nesrine’s article on Disney Princesses in issue 9, the media we absorb as children shapes how we think as we grow up.

I want to know who on earth decided what’s fat and what’s not, because I can’t understand why we feel shame when we have to purchase a size 14, or a 16. It completely depends on personal body build and shape. We should all focus on what a healthy size is for our own body, without comparing it to other girls. It’s such a cliché but everyone is different; we have different personalities, different faces, hair colour etc. etc. so why can’t we accept that every woman’s body shape and size is different?!

Dress size is a lie. It differs in every shop, in every style, in every person and we should no longer feel defined by it.

What do you think? Are you fussed about what dress size you are?


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