Editor’s Letter for Issue 10

3 Dec

Dear readers,

Now, you may have noticed some new names in our last issue and we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our brand new writers to the YB family, so a big hello and a wave to Melody, Nesrine, Meg, Kera, Stef, Rubyyy and Sarah H! All very talented ladies with who’ll be bringing you articles on alternative fashion, the latest book reviews and a drop or two of feminism.

We’ve also got our new-ish Ask Us Anything section with our resident Agony Aunts answering a question on relationships. If you’ve got a question for Becky and Rubyyy, email them at ask.yellowbunting@yahoo.co.uk Don’t fret- you can be anonymous and only the best advice will be given, our Aunties spend a lot of time on their responses.

Keep popping by and remember we enjoy reading your opinions on our articles and love a good conversation about them.
All my love,
Thank you for reading,
Becky and Daisy

P.S. If you would like to get involved in the magazine, email us at: yellow.bunting@yahoo.co.uk or if you would like to send in a question for our resident agony aunts then just send it in to ask.yellowbunting@yahoo.co.uk Don’t worry, they don’t bite and you have the option to remain anonymous if you wish.



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