Don’t Suffer in Silence

24 Nov

I am going to talk about society’s biggest problem: bullying, it can occur anywhere, at school, at work and at home. There is no certain age to be bullied or to be a bully, but is most common in children and teenagers. One of the main reasons people get bullied is society’s perception of ‘perfection’, but as the old saying goes, nobody’s perfect – far from it actually. I find this topic personal after being bullied throughout school, but I feel that it is a subject that must be touched on as people need to notice signs of mistreatment as they could in fact save lives. Whether you have been bullied or not I hope that this short article helps you in some way.

This may sound strange, but personally I am glad I was bullied as it’s definitely made me stronger and a much more decent person. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a great fan of having a cheese sandwich thrown in my face or the constant worry that I was being laughed at, but without these experience I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  I do not stand for spiteful and offensive behaviour towards myself or anybody around me; I despise how people feel the need to stereotype groups and hate them for it. Having said that, I do regret the number of times I stood by and watched someone get picked on, but being too scared to stand up for them in case they turned on me, I hid in the shadows. Well I can honestly say that will not happen anymore!

However most people who are being bullied will not ask for help, this is because they may want to feel in control of the situation or they may feel nobody cares enough to listen to them, which can unfortunately lead them to withdraw themselves from their friends and becoming depressed. Not only will it affect them socially and physical, but also mentally.

Bullies constantly pick on your insecurities making your self-confidence drop to an all-time low. I was often called ‘Tubby ‘and ‘Dumbo’, but the name that hurt me the most and is now the reason I tend to shy away from cameras is ‘big nose’. Now we all know our own flaws like the back of our hands and often wish that some fairy Godmother would appear out of nowhere to change these things (What? It worked for Cinderella!), but even though this may sound slightly cliché, our flaws are what makes us – literally. Most people say that bullies have their own insecurities and often take it out on others to hide them, however I think this is an immoral excuse for shameful behaviour.

I could go on a massive rant at how merciless and unpleasant humanity has become, but I don’t have all day and quite frankly that won’t help stop bullying – but you can. If you see someone alone, go up to them, share a smile and give them a chance to be themselves without being judged or laughed at. If you see someone being victimised, stand up for them and let them know you are there to help them. Most importantly, if you are being bullied; be strong and seek help. You may not think that people care or that it’ll just get worse – it won’t. Don’t suffer in silence and let those rotten people win.


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