What if Disney Princesses were obese?

19 Nov

We live in a world where appearance is all what matters. Wherever you look: skinny beautiful girls occupy the scenes: in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, internet and even cartoons. As a child, you already grow up with this idea that skinny girls are prettier and better looking than over-sized girls. This explains the continuous bullying young kids still face in schools and public places. The result: a severe psychological diagnostic grows with the child without the parents knowing the reasons. As a teenager, you try hard to compete with others, who you think are better looking than you, in most cases you fail because you have always had a pessimistic view on your body image. You may starve yourself, spend all your money to get top beauty products and clothes, you may also go for plastic surgery, but you still fail to convince yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are.
Scientists have proven that what children experience at a young age is the first roof for building their future personalities. We all have good and bad memories from our childhood: some of them may be overlooked; others remain the backbone of our future character and personality. At a young age, we were exposed to female cartoon characters, from which we made our own avatars. Barbie, Cinderella, the Sleeping beauty, Betty boop and so many more top stylish skinny figures that we still admire. One can hardly come up with an over-size cartoon character, if there is one, not a princess surely. Why do we tend to raise our kids with the equation skinny > obese? What if Disney princesses were, indeed, obese?
The above equation will logically become obese > skinny; in this context, skinny girls will be bullied and the world will value obese girls at the expense of skinny ones. Obviously, this is not what we want; we want to create a free society where all people are treated equally no matter their size, look, personality, race, religion …etc. These cartoons, in fact, just bring out bad messages: In order to find love and have a good life, you need to be stick-thin and beautiful. Would Cinderella have escaped her Stepmother’s clutches if she was fat and ugly? I doubt it. However, we have to bare that extreme skinny or obese are not healthy, meanwhile we don’t want to confuse the younger generation with what is healthy and what is not. How we can achieve that depends on the role of parents and policy makers. If we raise our children and show them different sorts of people at a young age; they will already grow up believing that there are various looks of human beings not just the ones they see in cartoons. If cartoonists thought about it, they would have come up with both obese and skinny princesses which girls feel most related to. The point is, if we all raise our kinds on an anti-bully thought , they will grow up accepting each other rather than making fun of each other, because no one of us know how his/her kind may turn up when they grow.
By: Nesrine Bouguerra


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