Editor’s letter #1

12 Nov

Hello and welcome to this very special issue of Yellow Bunting!

A few weeks back [Issue 6 to be precise] we posted an inspiring anti-bullying video to raise awareness of anti bullying month over in America. Bullying strikes a chord with all of us here at Yellow Bunting, as we’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. It can be a touchy subject to write/talk/blog about but unfortunately it happens whether we talk about it or not. So, we decided that in honour of it being anti-bullying week here in the U.K. to have a jam packed extended issue of Yellow Bunting!

Alongside our regular posting of film, food and music, will be our writers first hand accounts of their bullying experiences and advice on what to do if it’s happening to you. The advice section is extra special as it also launches a new YB regular: Ask Us Anything with our resident Agony Aunts- editor Becky and new gal Rubyyy!

We also have quite a few new writers so get reading to see if any of their style spark your interest!

This editors’ letter is new too [in case you hadn’t guessed] and is here to serve as an introduction to the forthcoming issue, we hope you like it.

Hugs and kisses,
Becky and Daisy
Yellow Bunting


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