17 Oct

Spoilers suck. Everyone knows this, yet it stills happens [first world problems, huh?]. I’ve been into a few bookshops that have hung signs up saying ‘no spoilers please’ which I think isn’t too much to ask. I’ve had things spoiled for me [curse you internet!] books, tv shows and films and it sucks, it really does.

‘Hold on!’ I hear you cry, ‘surely you should just get out more and stop caring about these fictional tales’. Well how about you shut the fuck up? Sports fans hate it when someone tells them the score of the game they haven’t watched yet and I hate it when someone ruins the ending of an epic fantasy novel for me. Tom-a-toe, tom-ah-toe.

I’m not perfect though. *Deepbreath* I spoiled Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for my sister. I’M SORRY SIBLING. This girl at school had read the book on the day it came out or some bullshit and so decided to ruin it for anyone she saw with the book, including me. Why? I don’t know- some superiority complex probably. Bitch wrecked the book for me and so in my bitterness I did the same to my sister. [My bad.]

This moves me onto the infamous debate that is book vs. films. In recent years, more and more fantasy books are being made into tv programmes and films and some of those who have read the books [let’s call them book hipsters] figure they’re better than the rest of us just because they’ve read ‘read the books first’. Which is of course ridiculous.

Just because you haven’t read the book of the latest blockbuster, doesn’t mean you should have the ending ruined for you by some self appointed, holier than thou book hipster nazi.

The internet is doing the bulk of the spoiling work now [way back when I imagine it some weirdo running round towns with a the spoiler on a massive poster…]. Fucking trolls, man!

Example: Game of Thrones. I fucking love Game of Thrones! I watched series 1 before I started reading the books, but had the ending of the series ruined for me by some demotivational poster. Even one of my housemates kinda ruined A Storm of Swords for me, even though I’d just told her what part of the book I’d got to! [FYI- not even halfway.]

As the tv series is being broadcast, trailers, episode recaps and cast interviews are being posted to the Game of Thrones official youtube, giving fans something to watch while we wait for the third series. And what do these book hipsters do? They comment on the video with pivotal plot spoilers and RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE.

‘Oh don’t read the comments then’ well it’s pretty fucking hard to sometimes. You have to wait for the shitty adverts at the beginning of the video, so you scroll down out of force of habit to check out the comme-BAM! Spoiler.

And I’m not interested on watching the show on shitty bit torrent, before you ask. Call me old fashioned and a bit of a square but I’d rather wait for the overpriced DVD to come out so I can watch the wildfire in all its glory and occasionally pause and just gaze whenever Jon Snow’s onscreen…

I digress.

Of course those who’ve read the books have a better knowledge of the subject matter than those who just watch the outcome, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for the rest of us. YOU’RE NOT BETTER THAN US JUST BECAUSE YOU READ MORE.

Maybe I’m getting too worked up over this, maybe I do need to get out more, but I love reading and watching my favourite books get made into movies [Stephen, I’m expecting Perks to be flawless] is a bit hit and miss sometimes but even so, I’m not gonna go ahead and spoil it for someone [again].

About the Writer: Daisy is an irregular photographer, wannabe writer and full time female. In between tea and toast breaks she spends far too much time on the internet blogging, tumbling and tweeting. She is unapologetic in her love of the Spice Girls.


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