Old News

8 Oct

This issue’s article is more of a mental one. By this I mean, that it is about the way people think, particularly young people. Now I don’t mean to be patronising, I’m the first one to admit that I hate being talked down to by the older generations but I do believe in enjoying your childhood. Be who you are, enjoy yourself, play and just have general fun, you may crave that new mobile that all your friends (and students older than you) have but you will soon hate the responsibilities that come with it. Phones themselves aren’t the most problematic of devices when it comes to growing up but all of the bullying and freedom of saying things with a mask (behind a phone) is one way that things may get out of hand.

Why is it so great to grow up anyway? I’d love to just be a carefree child again, with (quoting a Facebook post) ‘nothing to worry about except for choosing the right crayon’. I would love for things to go back to being that easy, no stressing about men, rent, work or bills. So why are people so hurried to get older and more mature?

I mean when else can you play with Barbie’s and not get judged? When else can you pretend to be a celebrity and for that half an hour, you believe totally that you are them. When on earth can you talk to someone who’s not there and not be locked up in a mental asylum?

Being older isn’t as great as it looks like when you were younger. Guys/girls will stomp on your heart, more and more family members around you will die and life in general will just be a lot more stressful. Enjoy it while you can, don’t be a tool in a paedophile’s sick game.

Have embarrassing cartoons, songs and films to remember. Don’t forget because you’ve had too much to drink. These memories help bonds between others and happiness for the good times passed.

This article may look like a lecture at one again telling young people what to do. I’ve been there, learnt that, got the t-shirt and now I’ve come to tell you all the message but no I don’t want it to come across like that. I just want you to have something to remember and to always have your childhood to look back on.

My message is simply, enjoy your childhood. I’m not saying lock your phone away, put away that makeup and don’t think about that secret crush but act your age. I remember my childhood for multiple reasons and none of those were one night stands, miniskirts or texting. Yes, I realise that times have changed but let yourself enjoy being a kid, the time goes by quick enough, don’t help it to go by faster.

About the Writer: Becky has just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing and is very happy with her 2:1. She is friendly, bubbly and just so happens to be the co-creator of Yellow Bunting. She hopes you enjoy it and that you get involved!


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