Goodwood Revival

5 Oct

Better late than never!

So, this year was my first ever Goodwood Revival, and boy was it good! Like most events I’ve heard about but never actually been to, I had an idea of what it was- old school car racing with dapperly dressed everyone- but that didn’t prepare for what it actually was. Which was AMAZING. I like to think I would have taken more photos had I not been busy looking at everything I could lay my eyes on!

From the outfits to the buildings, everything was from another decade. Gents in their finely cut suits and smart military dress, gals in their cute circle skirts and decadent flapper dresses, it was like a clash of a very stylish history book. [Specifically from the years 1920-1966.]

Shall we start from the beginning? Stepping off the train [yay public transport] it’s a short and easy walk to the car park where the vintage buses take you to the site [ours were 1960s Stagecoach]. The closer to the venue we got, the more beautiful cars and buses became [though one spectacular looking sports car had broken down]. As soon as I stepped off the bus- it started raining. Goodbye poker straight fringe, hello drowned rat. Typical, but being British, I soldiered on, had quick walk round to see what was there before going to meet up with a friend [and not just because she had an umbrella]. We walked over the road to see what else was on offer, before meeting up with friends of said friend [I swear to god, she knows everyone] and having a lovely cup of tea. In the rain.

Luckily for us, it stopped [eventually] the sun came out and we went over to the vintage car show [OH MY GOD THE CARS] to have some lunch. We also spotted a couple of acrobatic Spitfire’s but I didn’t manage to get any photos. They looked good though, does that help?

One gin fuelled picnic later, we were back on our feet and walking again. In all honesty, most of the day was just spent walking round! Racing’s not really my thing, though I did very much like looking at all the cars, bikes and planes on display, so sauntering along looking at alllllllll of the things on offer was just perfect.

Like I said, I didn’t take that many photos [boo hoo in hindsight] but try to enjoy the few ones I did, on my Dad’s Minolta [camera of the year 1981] scanned in a rather ungood way by Boots.

Fabulous woman with some very awesome hair! All her own, it only took her hairdresser friend 40 minutes to do it: amazing!

View from the top of the bus at the end of the day [well, for me anyways] I was exhausted!

So, the ultimate question: will I be going back to Goodwood Revival next year? Yes, yes I most certainly will.

Oh, almost forgot: I saw a Dalek asking a small child for a hug.

Daisy is an irregular photographer, wannabe writer and full time female. In between tea and toast breaks she spends far too much time on the internet blogging, tumbling and tweeting. She is unapologetic in her love of the Spice Girls.


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