Inspiration: Body Image

15 Sep

This picture is all over tumblr and I for one LOVE IT. For far too long there has been fat shaming, ‘thinspiration’ and now skinny shaming and it has got to stop! To all those people out there saying that only ‘real’ women have curves, I have one thing to say to you: what utter bullshit. So all these incredible looking slim and slender women are figments of my imagination are they?

Having a flat chest and a skinny frame doesn’t make you any less of a woman than someone with big boobs and curves to spare. Real women are those who identify as women: end of.

Everybody is beautiful so embrace what you’ve got, be it big boobs, no boobs, a wiry frame, long legs, big bum, curves, no curves, hips, everything!

PS: if anyone knows the original artist please let me know, I can’t seem to find out who it is.


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